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    Ishant Sharma becomes flavour of the day on Twitter

    On Saturday, Ishant Sharma became India's most wanted man when his six balls cost India a match that they almost had in their pocket. Australia needed 44 runs off the last 18 balls when Dhoni threw the ball to Ishant, and the fans held heads in their hands.

    But their fear was not groundless as Ishant had given away over 7.5 runs in both the previous ODIs and was already walking on a thin rope ahead of the selection committee meeting on Sunday where the team for the last four ODIs will be picked.

    To the horror of those worried fans, Ishant gave away 30 runs in his six balls to cost India the match - that too with an out-of-form batsman and a tailender on the crease. And this is how the fans vented their anger on Twitter: