It is a shame that Dhoni can't speak his mind: Jamie Alter

Updated: May 29, 2013, 6:23 PM IST
It is a shame that Dhoni can't speak his mind: Jamie Alter

MS Dhoni's non-chalant smile and no response to questions about the IPL fixing scandal at a BCCI press conference has not been well received by Indian cricket fans. So, is BCCI putting pressure on the Indian cricket skipper who also captains the 'under-the-scanner' Chennai Super Kings? Cricketnext editor Jamie Alter joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on the issue.

Q. I don't find anything wrong in his not answering the questions. When BCCI biggies and country's venerated cricketers are not giving their opinion, why should a man who has to lead a team for a prestigious trophy in few days time embroil himself in this controversy? Asked by: sakuntala

A. Because Dhoni is the captain of the Indian cricket team, a man who matters far more than any BCCI mandarin or office-bearer - the very men who are in places of authority due to the success of men like Dhoni. It was a shame that a man of Dhoni's stature, the man who draws the fans to the game, could not form an opinion or speak his mind.

Q. The overall impression one gets if we closely observe the Indian cricket body is that the organisation is clearly controlled by people of all parties that matters directly or indirectly and the Innocent fans are duped. your take on this. Asked by: jim

A. It is an exclusive gentleman's club, where you gain access by money and influence. How many of them care about the health of Indian cricket?

Q. Dear Jamie, Do you think that Dhoni should have answered the questions from the reporters to say his opinion on the on going controversy since the cricket fans loves cricket and wanted to know the truth? Asked by: Raaj

A. That is precisely what he should have done. A man of his stature sitting there like a puppet, trying hard not to break into an awkward smile, wearing the Indian logo on his shirt.. it was shameful.

Q. At least Dhoni himself can tell the media that "we are very sad with the current crisis but right now I can't answer the fixing questions" , I really doubt whether it is only the BCCI gag or Dhoni himself doesn't want face the fixing question. Asked by: Raju Pericherla

A. That would have helped, yes. Dhoni is a capable of speaking his mind and answering difficult questions. The fans were owed at least a few words. Sitting mum sent out the wrong impression.

Q. It is pity that BCCI's Srinivasan is able to shut the mouth of many by the strength of money? Asked by: Prathap

A. Indeed.

Q. Silence of Dhoni indeed speaks volumes of BCCI. Asked by: SE

A. Yes.

Q. What do you think Dhoni refused the fixing question, was it because he was told from BCCI or his personnel reason as his wife was seeing sitting along with Vidhu. Asked by: Rohit

A. He would have been told not to speak on it. This is a man fully capable of answering tough questions, which he has shown many times. He knows how to pick his words. The BCCI should have allowed him to do exactly that.

Q. When around 5-6 players in the Indian cricket team are from CSK irrespective of current form, isn't it clear where Dhoni's allegiance is? Isn't it too much to expect him to speak? Asked by: Narayan

A. If he sees it as a corporate responsibility to the owners of an IPL franchise, as an employee, then that would be very sad.

Q. Will IPL survive this controversy or will it have a very adverse affect on the IPL? Asked by: Diwan

A. The answer will come from the fans - whether they show up at the grounds and whether they watch it on TV.

Q. Do you think I Srinivasn will be in his post he will allow the CSK to be scraped if charges are proven against it..its not for the interest of the IPL he should step down. Asked by: Nagar

A. If Srinivasan goes down, CSK too could take a big hit. We could see a similar situation as what happened to Deccan Chargers.

Q. Dhoni as Indian Captian should have answered all the is this time that country wants to hear what he thinks..even if it would have been formal Asked by: Rakka

A. Agreed.

Q. Does dhoni not have a right to keep quite, why do people inffer that BCCI has gagged him, if they wanted to gag him they would not have had the press meet at the first stage? Asked by: gopal

A. So you believe he sat there and chose to not speak his mind?

Q. Should Srinivasn resign for now as chief of BCCI for fair probe? Asked by: Jagjivan

A. Yes.

Q. Does dhoni silence s making people more curious about his involvement? I feel when the CEO is involved then 100 percent some of the players r involved too in CSK. A guy cannot run of his own? Asked by: Samuel

A. Is Dhoni involved? I sure hope not.

Q. Why all the ex-cricketers are talking like patriots of one is standing out and telling the reality what should be done..why they became so one is telling the fact that Srini should step aside. Asked by: Dillu

A. I would assume because of they are on the payrolls of the BCCI.

Q. Not only Dhoni but all he ex-cricketers are puppet to one is speaking frankly..all of them are just being formal and refraining from speaking what everyone knows is truth. Asked by: Dilbar

A. Yup.

Q. What is the media wanting to know from Dhoni? which they are not aware of and then have breaking news out of it? Asked by: damani

A. I think the media wants to know what the most important man in Indian cricket feels about a crisis that's eroding Indian cricket's credibility.

Q. Dhoni should have answered the fixing question..shying away from anything is not a solution. Asked by: Nawab

A. Totally.

Q. Do you suppose this spot fixing scandal may affect India's quest for winning the Champion trophy. Asked by: Mansoor

A. I don't think so, no.

Q. Hi J, If the BCCI have a pre decided agenda, The media meet could have been cancelled rather than staging this "fixed" drama in which the main actor was dumb folded. More over why the media team did not pack up and leave the arena? Asked by: Vinod

A. Rare is the day when the Indian media packs up in protest. The media arrived expecting Dhoni to speak on the matter, if even a few words.

Q. Why would a top sportsman like Dhoni want to be associated as Vice President of India Cements, the owner of the CSK team. Isn't there a conflict of interest here as a person representing the country is being forced to play a role in a company owned by board president. Asked by: Santy

A. That we can only surmise. A lot happens behind closed doors, and considering that a majority of the BCCI consists of politicians, who knows what has trickled into the running of CSK.

Q. As the BCCI is run by politicians..the same attitude of politicians have came into the players..they will only answer the question which is comfortable to them. Asked by: Guru

A. Looks to be so, right Guru?

Q. Should ICC put pressure on BCCI to amend ways and better introduce the DRS system which BCCI opposes so much. Asked by: ss

A. DRS is a totally different issue.

Q. He is supposed to play as a professional player and give results for the Team The matter under discussion is seized by competent authorities. Asked by: A.S.PURANIK

A. As captain of the Indian team, Dhoni should have spoken at least a few words of assurance. Or at least tried to form an opinion.

Q. Dhoni being quite does it has to do something with their contract? Asked by: Karthik

A. I don't think its that.

Q. I don't think India is going to win Champions trophy..and with the Dhoni and BCCI act yesterday infront of media..after champions trophy loss they are going to come heavily on him..till when Mr Dhoni going to run away..if he have to be in Indian Tam he will one day have to answer these question..not answering yesterday had blown away his image as a leader. Asked by: Daman

A. Yes, it has to an extent.

Q. You know what my philosophy is: people who get sudden money or people who already have money; you cant expect these people to fight for truth: because they both are insecured of losing the money. Dhoni, Tendulkar they all have new money and others are already rich. So how can you expect these people to fight for truth? they just want to be on safer side and opportunist all the time. thence this question is only irrelevant. Asked by: pc aka @jpchat

A. Didn't the Notorious B.I.G. sum that up? More money, more problems.

Q. We saw how CSK Franchise were destroying the evidence of Gurunath being team owner by deleting his name from website and twitter handles. This is sufficient enough to doubt intent or Srinivasan. CSK is his team and if it is doing such things, Srinivasan will never allow anything to happen to CSK which is his money making machine. Asked by: Deepak

A. Its a farce, Deepak. The walls are closing in on N Srinivasan.

Q. There is only one thing which is happening now 1. I as a CSK fan do not care about guru or Srini sent to jail but the investigations are on. The media trail is hurting kids and fans like me. Now Dhoni keeping silent is questioned. Mr J what will you be your response when you in Dhoni's shoes? Asked by: karthick

A. A few words of support, maybe? An explanation of what he has been told? Something at least.

Q. Dhoni has shown the real face of Indian Cricket, in which the Cricketer and thus the fans are puppets being played around by the real masters. Asked by: Sandeep R Tandon

A. Looks that way, Sandeep.

Q. Can the govt not step in and ask Srini to exit? Asked by: Baljit

A. Not in this situation.

Q. Despite Dhoni and wife Sakshi being close to Srinivasan and his son-in-law and CSK under the scanner, there has been no news of any CSK match fixed or any player from this franchise so involved. Your comments? Asked by: Mansoor

A. The police have not revealed anything to this regard. Hopefully no mor players are named.

Q. Why is Dhoni are CSK being blamed?why RR team they where involved in fixing not CSK. Asked by: kaushik

A. You mean for fixing?

Q. How does what Dhoni is feeling going to affect the out come of the investigation and the trail which is going on. Asked by: karthick

A. It's not about the investigation or fixing or Vindoo or Gurunath. Its about letting the country know what he feels in the middle of a crisis.

Q. One wrong word as per media eventhough it may have been right as per dhoni would have have brought the breaking news, what do you think? Asked by: gopal

A. Dhoni chooses his words carefully, he's a smart man.

Q. Fair investigation with Mr Srinivasan holding the position is joke of the year. Don't you think so? More its about his son-in-law's involvement. Mr Srini yes you may be the clever person but we are not dumb. Asked by: Prabin

A. Its a farce, Prabin.

Q. Yes I believe that, as if he would have spoken anything with out affirmativeness the media would have one more breaking news don't you agree? Asked by: gopal

A. You believe he was gagged, right?

Q. Dhoni could have simply said "As captain of the Indian cricket team, it will be my endeavor to ensure that the game is played fairly on the field. Just like you the fans, I wish the weakened credibility of the game is revived at the earliest." Your comments? Asked by: Kelly

A. That would have helped.

Q. Total drama. Everyone, including owners, cricketers(big names as well), politicians, umpires playing this cheating game. Asked by: Manoj

A. Who knows.

Q. Do you think Dhoni is also involved in match fixing? Asked by: sandeep

A. No.

Q. Is it not the Money Power that has saved Srini? Asked by: Shyam Vadalker

A. Has he been saved?

First Published: May 29, 2013, 6:23 PM IST

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