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    Anna takes solid diet, may be discharged soon

    Gurgaon: For the first time after ending his 12-day fast, Anna Hazare took solid diet on Wednesday as his condition further improved and is likely to be discharged in a couple of days from the hospital where he is undergoing treatment.

    "His condition is near normal. He has started taking dal-roti and khichidi (porridge)," Dr Naresh Trehan, CEO and chairman of Medanta Medicity, said.

    Trehan said the 74-year-old anti-corruption crusader's blood-pressure was 140/90, which is normal, and his pulse rate was 80 per minute.

    Hazare has also gained 400 gms in the last 24 hours and he now weighs 67 kg.

    The doctor said ketones presence in his urine is normal now and his liver, kidneys were functioning well. "It will take a couple days before he can be discharged," he said.

    Meanwhile, Hazare's close associate Kiran Bedi, who met him at the hospital, said: "He is recuperating very well. (He) said he never felt weak while amongst people. But now realises how much it cost."

    "He is still looking weak, but is better than yesterday," she added.

    Hazare was admitted to the hospital on Sunday after he broke his 12-day fast following Parliament's decision to send his 3-key demands on Lokpal to the Standing Committee for its consideration.