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    Cornered Pakistan now turns belligerent

    New Delhi: Operation Geronimo is over - but a new war has erupted. A war of words engulfing the US, Pakistan and even India.

    General Kayani after meeting his top brass and the corps commanders in separate meetings had given Islamabad the line to take.

    So the US statement that operation Geronimo was legal - and could be repeated - drew fierce counter fire.

    Don't patronise Pakistan was the other message - aimed at placating domestic criticism which painted the government and army as incompetent.

    Salman Bashir said, "The people of Pakistan, the government and parliament of Pakistan like their dignity and sovereignity should be respected."

    And in a repeat of the belligerence heard immediately after the Mumbai attacks - the anti-India rhetoric was turned on.

    Bashir also defended the ISI as an organisation with no contact with al Qaeda.

    but there arent too many takers for that line in the US Congress.

    Where a legislation has been introduced Thursday to freeze aid to Pakistan till it proves it did not shelter Osama bin Laden.

    So far the only thing freezing is Pakistan's relationship with an ally and a neighbour.