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    S-band: PJ Thomas opposed Devas deal

    New Delhi: CNN-IBN has accessed crucial documents which suggest that then Department of Telecom Secretary PJ Thomas had opposed the Devas Deal.The space commission will meet on Saturday to discuss the Devas contract involving the S-Band.A letter written by Space Department Secratery K Radhakrishnan dated 16th June 2010 says, “The Devas deal is blocking precious spectrum, actually meant for strategic use and by awarding the contract to Devas, a level playing field was not being created for other players."The Devas CEO Ramachandran Vishwanathan earlier spoke exclusively to CNN-IBN's Anubha Bhonsle on the controversial deal. In an exclusive interview he said it was done under the full knowlegde of the chairman of Indian Space Research Organisation. He also said that this deal was in no way favouring his company.CNN-IBN has also accessed a letter written by PJ Thomas during his tenure as DoT secretary in which he suggests that the the Devas contract be annulled. Thomas also said that the Department of Space had asked for spectrum for strategic use.Thomas also reminded Department of Space that TRAI had recommended in 2007 that beyond 800, 900 and 1900 Mhz, all other bandwidths should be auctioned.The documents state the Devas deal is blocking precious spectrum, and that this spectrum is actually meant for strategic use. Also that by giving the contract to devas, a level playing field was not being given to other players.