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    Kenya-Namibia ties shifted to Mombasa

    Johannesburg: The International Cricket Council moved Kenya's Intercontinental Cup match against Namibia to the coastal town of Mombasa on Monday because of security fears in Nairobi.

    The ICC said the four-day match and two 50-over games had been moved out of the Kenyan capital and were postponed from June until late September and early October because of "delays related to the ongoing and changing security assessment for Kenya in general and Nairobi in particular."

    The ICC postponed the games after a series of explosions in Nairobi, although Mombasa also has been targeted with one person killed and five wounded last month in a grenade attack at a nightclub.

    The Intercontinental Cup game was rescheduled to Sept. 27-30, with the limited-overs games now scheduled for Oct. 2 and Oct. 4.