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    TN CM attends Brihadeeswarar Temple celebrations

    Tanjore: Colours, lights and 1000 people dancing. The millennium celebration of the Brihadeeswarar Temple in Tanjore was a visual delight. The ancient temple built by King Raja Raja Chola was all decked up to welcome the guests, which included the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, M Karunanidhi along with his family membersThe Tanjore temple has been known for its architecture and UNESCO has specially recognised it as a world heritage site in 1987. While many thought Karunanidhi may give entering the temple a miss, given his self-confessed rational outlook, the octogenarian leader actually ended up entering it.It’s a common belief that entering the temple through its main gate is unlucky for politicians based on instances like Indira Gandhi's assassination that came just days after she had visited the temple and MGR's illness soon after his visit to Tanjore. So while many would have expected Karunanidhi to defy the belief, he chose to skip the so-called jinxed entrance.Politics apart, the millennium celebration of the eminent temple was a grand success and the event is sure to remain in the memories of people for many years.