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    Tight security in London for royal wedding

    London: The Metropolitan police will deply nearly 5,000 officers on Friday, and promised a robust response to anyone or group seeking to disrupt the royal wedding's proceedings.

    Commander Christine Jones of the Metropolitan police said the force will ensure that the event is a 'safe, secure and happy event', and added that there was no specific threat so far.

    She said, "We would be wrong not to consider spontaneous protest as part of our contingency planning. But let us make it absolutely clear - this is a day of celebration, joy and pageantry. It is a fantastic day for Britain."

    Jones added: "Any criminals attempting to disrupt it, be that in the guise of protest or otherwise, will be met by a robust, decisive, flexible and proportionate policing response."

    Police authorities are reportedly negotiating with radical Islamist group Muslims against Crusades over proposed protests, after its application for an event at Westminster Abbey was rejected.

    Ultra-nationalist English Defence League has threatened counter-demonstrations.

    Assistant Commissioner of police Lynne Owens told a news conference, "If you see anybody in the crowd that is acting suspiciously please bring it to the earliest attention of our officers. There will be thousands of officers on duty, lining the route, and they are there to help you."

    Besides the royal family, 50 heads of state are attending the ceremony, which it is anticipated will be watched by millions on television.

    There will be 70-80 close protection teams for VIPs on the day.