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    KP return may cause further problems, warns Strauss

    London: Andrew Strauss, who stepped down as England Test captain in August, has said that the reconciliation between Kevin Pietersen and other England players will not be easy and that it could lead to further problems in the dressing room."It [reconciliation] will be difficult," Strauss told the Guardian. “One of the problems is that there are two separate sections. One is going on in meeting rooms between KP and the players and on the other side is this media intrigue. From [the coach] Andy Flower's point of view, they need to get that first part right. If everyone is happy in the dressing room they will play well. But if it's not resolved then it is a problem. I honestly think it's a real problem."Pietersen was dropped from the England team after he sent derogatory text messages about Strauss to some of the visiting South African players this summer. England lost the series and their No,1 Test status, which ultimately led to Strauss's decision to retire from all forms of the game.Strauss said Pietersen was a great player, but that if he was not committed to England cricket then there was a problem. The 35-year-old, who led England in 50 Tests, also felt that resolving the issue would be in everyone's interest. "If they can make it work, then obviously England will be a better side with KP in it because he's an outstanding player. But if, behind the scenes, things are difficult and resentment is harboured and, if KP is not fully committed to England, there are going to be problems. But it's in everyone's interests to make it work,” he said.The entire controversy had a lasting effect on Strauss and he said that although Pietersen had apologised to him personally, the matter would take time to heal. "Kevin has since come up to me and apologised for it and I respect that. He seemed contrite and I think he was sincere. Looking back I think it was wrong some of our players were following that [spoof KP Genius] Twitter account. But I still don't think it's a justification for what Kevin did," Strauss said.