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    Hazare's praise for Modi, Nitish irks Congress

    New Delhi: Chief Ministers Narendra Modi and Nitish Kumar were praised by anti-corruption activist Anna Hazare for their efforts on rural development, with the Gandhian saying that their counterparts in other states should emulate them. While speaking to the media on Sunday, social activist Anna Hazare praised Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi and Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. Hazare was later forced to clarify that he was against communalism but the Congress is now seeing red.In just five days, Anna Hazare proved what it takes in rallying the whole country behind him.Anna Hazare - India's new age hero, who initiated the voice of the civic society for a corruption free India stirred up a controversy on Sunday when he made a seemingly pro-Narendra Modi while addressing the media."State chief ministers must learn from the work done by the chief ministers of Gujarat and Bihar,” he said."The way the Chief Ministers of Gujarat and Bihar have worked in their states, this should be adopted by other Chief Ministers. The Chief Ministers of other states should also work like this," said Hazare.Anxious to protect his secular image, Anna was quick to clarify that he is opposed to communalism."I do not support communal politics, riots or any such thing. I am only talking about decentralisation of power," Hazare said.When pointed out that Modi has not appointed a Lokayukta for the past nine years in Gujarat, he said, "I will accept Modi as 100 per cent ideal when he brings Lokayukta in his state."Already smarting under Hazare's crusade, a cornered Congress and the NCP lost no time to hit back.Congress MP Rashid Alvi reacted sharply to Hazare's comments saying "no secular person in the country can support Modi."If you support Modi, you are supporting the massacre of 2002," he said.Sharad Pawar's party, the NCP is upset with the way Congress handled the whole issue and is not taking it lying down after Pawar was forced to resign from the Group of Ministers on corruption within hours of being targeted by Hazare as the most ‘corrupt’ in the government.