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    KSCA treasurer Venkatesh backs Srinivasan

    Bangalore: Tallam Venkatesh, whose name is doing the rounds for the BCCI treasurer's post, on Friday backed N Srinivasan, saying it would be "unfair" to put the Board President in firing line just because his relative is allegedly involved in betting.

    "If his son-in-law does something, can we claim he (Srinivasan) is also involved (in the IPL spot-fixing mess)?.

    Let us be fair to him. He has brought cricket to what it is now. Let us see the brighter side of it," Venkatesh, who is Karnataka State Cricket Association (KSCA) treasurer, told reporters.

    Venkatesh said if a few have people have gone wrong, it does not mean it should impact the tournament.

    "These kind of things happen and we have been seeing it in our lives and families. Our country is known for corruption. It doesn't excite nor makes any difference," he said, adding that there must be stringent punishment for the guilty.

    Asked if the BCCI offers him treasurer's post, what would be his priority, Venkatesh said "I always feel that a person who has been assigned a job must do it right. Definitely I will see that no hanky-panky happens."