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    Libya rescue to end by next week: Nirupama Rao

    New Delhi: Two weeks into the crisis in Libya, an almost unprecedented exodus from the country continues. 3500 Indians have returned home so far.Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao tweeted that over a 1000 evacuees had boarded the rescue ship in Benghazi and that almost 20 per cent of the 18000 Indians in the country have been evacuated. She also said India has got permission to land three planes a day in libya until March 12. A batch of around 600 Indians from Libya had arrived in Delhi early on Tuesday, taking the total number of people evacuated by the four Air India special flights to around 1,200. Speaking to CNN-IBN, Nirupama Rao responded to criticism of India getting its act together a bit late."I don’t think India has been slow in our evacuation," she said."We'd like to wrap it as soon as possible. I assume we would like to finish it atleast within a week," she added.