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    Live: Delhi Police arrests bookie who cleared Sreesanth's room of evidence

    Mumbai/New Delhi: 6.56 pm: Four more bookies were arrested by the Delhi Police on Wednesday in connection with the IPL spot-fixing case. With this, the number of arrests in the case has gone up to 26. The Delhi Police arrested alleged bookie Abhishek Shukla, who is accused of cleaning up Sreesanth's hotel room in Mumbai, thus destroying evidence. Bookies Vikas, Vinod and Nitin Jain were also picked up by Delhi Police earlier in the day. They have been remanded to police custody till Thursday.

    5.51 pm: Former BCCI chief Sharad Pawar seeks a MHA probe into the IPL scandal and indirectly blames N Srinivasan for the IPL mess. He also adds that such a controversy wouldn't have erupted under him. "During our time, there was team work," he says.

    5.20 pm: Mumbai Cricket Association chief Ravi Sawant tells CNN-IBN that there is no point in asking for BCCI chief N Srinivasan's resignation now as he had been allowed to own a team despite being the BCCI chief six years ago.

    4.12 pm: Another bookie arrested. While Vikas and Nitin Jain were arrested on Wednesday morning, Vinod was arrested in the afternoon. The total arrests now stands at 25.

    3.52 pm: Chennai hotelier Vikram Aggarwal has moved the High Court for anticipatory bail.

    3.51 pm: Pakistani umpire Asad Rauf has denied all the allegations of his involvement in the IPL scandal. Speaking to reporters, he said the charges against him were baseless.

    3:02 pm: BCCI chief N Srinivasan stays defiant and refuses to quit. Srinivasan reiterates that the BCCI probe panel will remain independent. "Will not reply to individual member reactions. I will remain away from the commission. What Rajeev Shukla has said, I said in Kolkata - it will remain an independent commission. I have nothing to do with the commission and it is independent."

    2:08 pm: IPL Commissioner Rajeev Shukla says BCCI chief N Srinivasan should 'disassociate' himself from the IPL probe and procedure while the inquiry is on. "Discussion amongst the BCCI members is on. We are saying that the image of the BCCI is paramount. The credibility of cricket is important. We have formed a committee to probe the IPL scandal. We are of the view that recommendations of the committee be binding on the BCCI," says Shukla.

    1:40 pm: Sports Ministry says BCCI President N Srinivasan should tender his resignation on moral grounds.

    12:45 pm: BCCI chief N Srinivasan rejects IPL Commissioner Rajeev Shukla and BCCI Vice President Arun Jaitley's advise to step aside while an inquiry is on into the IPL scandal.

    12:09 pm: IPL Commissioner Rajeev Shukla will make more announcements at a press conference at 1 pm.

    11:45 am: IPL Commissioner Rajeev Shukla after meeting Arun Jaitley says, "Srinivasan is an elected president. Arun Jaitley and I think he should keep himself away from this till the probe is completed. A probe panel has been formed. The majority view will be considered of those who are not from BCCI. Findings and recommendations should be implemented and not be sent to the BCCI. Two judges and one BCCI member will be a part of the probe panel."

    11:31 am: A member of the BCCI probe panel on IPL scandal, Justice Jairam Chowta says it is too early for him to comment on N Srinivasan's resignation. "I am not in a position to comment. I have been appointed as a member, its too early for me to say Srinivasan should step down. We have not received the communication from BCCI on what needs to be looked into," says Justice Chowta.

    10:29 am: IPL Commissioner Rajeev Shukla meets BCCI Vice President Arun Jaitley. The meeting comes amidst indications that one more attempt is being made to persuade BCCI chief N Srinivasan to 'step down' while an inquiry is done into the IPL spot-fixing issue and the charges against the Chennai Super Kings.

    10:05 am: Arrested actor Vindoo Dara Singh has admitted that he met pacer S Sreesanth, according to the Mumbai Police sources. As part of the ongoing probe into the IPL betting and spot-fixing scandal, sources, say, Vindoo Dara Singh has said that met the Kerala pacer on May 14 just before his arrest, at the actor's Juhu residence. Bookie Pawan Jaipur, also wanted in the case, was also present during the meeting. While Vindoo has admitted that he was in touch with Pawan and Sanjay Jaipur, the Mumbai Police has now recovered mobile phones of the Jaipur brothers from Vindoo's Juhu residence.

    9:30 am: Two more bookies have been arrested by the Delhi Police in the IPL spot-fixing case taking the total number of those arrested to 24 so far. One of the arrested, Vicky Chowdhury, who is a bouncer with a South Delhi nightclub, had arranged a meeting between a bookie and Ajit Chandila.

    Sources say Vicky had arranged a meeting between Chandila and some bookies in which he was asked to predict the outcome of a match between the kolkata Knight Riders and Royal Challengers Bangalore on May 12. Chandila had predicted KKR would win, which it eventually did.

    The police are now looking into the matter and are trying to find more bookies connected with the case. Sources say two more bookies are likely to be arrested on Wednesday.

    Meanwhile, the police custody of BCCI chief N Srinivasan's son-in-law Gurunath Meiyappan in the IPL betting case ends on Wednesday. The Mumbai Police is likely to ask for an extension of his custody. This comes as the police continue to interrogate actor Vindoo Dara Singh and bookies Taneja and Patel regarding the allegations of betting and fixing in the Indian Premier League.

    However, Chennai hotelier Vikram Aggarwal still remains untraceable. The Mumbai Police is yet to serve summons to him.

    Dhoni faces criticism for silence

    Team India and Chennai Super Kings captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni has come under fire for his ignorance of the media's questions on spot-fixing. Dhoni, in a press conference on Tuesday evening, didn't say a word every time there was a question regarding the latest spot-fixing row that has rocked Indian cricket.

    Dhoni's silence has come under criticism. "I am terribly disappointed with Dhoni. Now if Dhoni had even moderately expressed his opinion on what happened, do you think they were going to sack him? Do you think the cricket loving public of India would have stood for it. I am very disappointed with the Indian captain as well as the others. The time has come to ask the BCCI President to resign. The time has come to break through the silence and the issue must be forced," said N Ram, the former Editor-in-Chief of The Hindu.

    Former cricketer Maninder Singh also added that Dhoni could have given a diplomatic answer. "I think he could have just been diplomatically correct. I think he is going to regret this press conference when he leaves cricket because he could have really handled it in a better way."

    Scindia calls for Srinivasan's resignation

    Meanwhile, Jyotiraditya Scindia on Tuesday became the first BCCI office-bearer to openly call for President N Srinivasan's resignation in the wake of the spot-fixing scandal. "Let the inquiry take place and in the event that he is completely clear, certainly be reinstated. But at this time when cricket needs to be cleansed and when there is a question mark at the top, it would be in the interest of the game that Srinivasan steps aside," Scindia said.

    "I don't feel somebody is responsible or not. But if there is a question mark or question raised against a family member of an individual. Till the time that individual's name is not cleared, he should step aside," he said.