Live Updates: England beat NZ by six wickets

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Live Updates: England beat NZ by six wickets

Luke Wright blasted a sparkling half-century, 76 off 43 balls, as England beat New Zealand by six wickets in the Super Eight match of World Twenty20.

England innings:

Luke Wright is adjudged Man of the Match.

19th over, England 149 for 4: Wright is finally dismissed after a scintillating innings of 76. He chased a wide delivery from Bracewell and hit it straight to Ross Taylor at covers. Jonny Bairstow is the news batsman and he gets off the mark by a boundary. Wide delivery going down and leg and Bairstow pulled it to the fine leg boundary. A wide and a single follows. Josh Buttler pushes the ball to mid off and scampers for a single. England have beaten New Zealand by six wickets with 7 balls to spare.

Wright c Ross Taylor b Doug Bracewell 76(43)

18th over, England 141 for 3: Vettori has been New Zealand's best bowler in the match. Just three scored in his last over. His bowling figures for this match are 4-0-20-1.

17th over, England 138 for 3: Some consolation for New Zealand as Morgan walks back to the pavilion. He lent good support to Wright and second fiddle to the hilt. Morgan hit the ball towards wide long on off Mills and Bracewell took an outstanding catch running from long on. But Wright is unstoppable today as he continues to plunder runs. Two consecutive boundaries to finish the over; one over the covers and second towards wide long on.

Eoin Morgan c Doug Bracewell b Kyle Mills 30(31)

16th over, England 126 for 2: Luke Wright is on a rampage. He's slaughtering England bowlers now. Two consecutive sixes over mid wicket and long on off Nicol. Another superb over for England. Wright is turning out to be England's best t20 batsman in the tournament.

15th over, England 111 for 2: Luke Wright is cutting loose now. After a couple on the first ball, he thrashed Tim Southee's second ball of the over for a straight six. England are coasting at the moment. They have crossed 100 runs mark in the 15th over. Wright has thumped another six off the last ball over mid wicket to rub salt in Southee's wounds. 16 runs off the over and Southee has conceded 32 runs in his 2 overs. Diasatrous day for hin.

14th over, England 95 for 2: Vettori is called back to bowl his second spell and both batsmen are knocking him around with finesse as nine runs runs are scored off the over. Morgan pilfered three doubles off the last three balls by placing the ball in gaps.

13th over, England 86 for 2: Nathan McCullum is bowling his last over as three singles are scored off the first three balls. Last three balls are dot balls. Morgan tried to cut and reverse-sweep but couldn't collect the ball.

12th over, England 83 for 2: James Franklin comes to bowl his first over and beats Morgan on the second ball as the left-hander tried to dab the ball towards third man. After struggling initially, Morgan has bludgeoned his first six of the innings. The ball was in the spot to hit and Morgan clobbered it over long on. Morgan clocks up his first boundary as he unfurls a scorching cut to the point boundary.

11th over, England 70 for 2: McCullum is bowling quick through the air to Morgan as he is pushed to the backfoot. Wright is relatively more confident and the onus lies on him to give an impetus to England innings. He doesn't disappoint as he clatteres the fifth ball of McCullum's over for a six over deep square leg and takes a single off the last ball. Last two overs have been good for England.

10th over, England 60 for 2: Better over for England. A boundary was hit after a gap of 3 overs. Wright came down the track and hit Nicol through covers while Morgan continues to struggle.

9th over, England 50 for 2: Another tidy over by N McCullum. Beat batsmen a couple of times and gave only four runs away. Morgan is only relying on cut shot which is not coming off convincingly.

8th over, England 46 for 2: Only four singles off Rob Nicol's first over as England batsmen are quailing at the sight of spinners. Only shots they could play against spinners are cut and wild sweep.

7th over, England 42 for 2: The first ball of the 7th over is hit back to the bowler while the next delivery is wide down the leg side. Hales comes down the track on the second ball of Nathan McCullum but beaten by flight and cleaned up. Eoin Morgan is the new batsman. Four singles are scored off the next four balls. Will spinners haunt England again? We'll see.

Hales b N McCullum 22(15)

6th over, England 37 for 1: Vettori is mixing up deliveries very well and making batsmen use their feet. Wright blasts a boundary through mid wicket on the fourth ball and 6 runs are scored off the over.

5th over, England 31 for 1: After defending the first two balls, Wright hits the boundary to fine leg and takes a single off the fourth ball. Hales winkles out three runs from the fifth ball.

4th over, England 22 for 1: Daniel Vettori has struck in his first over. Kieswetter had consumed too many balls to score just 4 runs and pressure was mounting on him. Vettori tossed the ball up as he played across the line and missed the ball. Luke Wright is the new batsman and he runs a leg bye on the last of the over. Three runs and a wicket off the over.

Kieswetter b Vettori 4(14)

3rd over, England 19 for 0: First two balls are played with meticulous defense by Kieswetter. Taylor's good fielding at mid wicket on the third ball saved a couple of runs. Kieswetter finally takes a single on the fifth ball. He has crawled to 3 off 11 balls. Hlaes hit the last ball straight to short mid off.

2nd over, England 18 for 0: Alex Hales glides the first ball to deep mid wicket for a coupple and the second ball is sweetly timed off the back foot as he guides it to the backward point boundary. Hales mis-times the pull on the third ball as ball hurried onto him but the ball fell in no man's land. Tim Southee, the bowler, looks tad disappointment. Hales has pulled the fourth ball between square leg and mid wicket for the another boundary as England get off to a good start. He cracks another boundary over cover point off the last ball.

1st over, England 2 for 0: Kyle Mills is bowling the first over for New Zealamd, Craig Kieswetter is on the strike. No run off the first two balls. Kieswetter flicks the third ball towards mid wicket and scampers for a double to get off the mark. Next three balls are gently hit to the point, mid on and covers for no run.

New Zealand innings:

Over No. 20: New Zealand 148 for 6 Bresnan has kept the length full in the last over and both the batsmen have only managed a double and a single off the first three balls. Fourth ball was down the leg side but not given wide by Simon Taufel. Franklin is seething with anger and signals that it should have been given wide. His gesture might get him into trouble with match referee. He's run out on the fifth ball trying to convert a single into the double. The single has, nevertheless, given him his half-century. He took only 33 balls to score it. Doug Bracewell hits the last ball to the long off and runs double. New Zealand have made 148 for 6 in 20 overs.

Franklin run out (Bairstow/Kieswetter) 50(33)

Over No. 19: New Zealand 141 for 5 Nathan McCullum, taking a cue from Franklin, has clouted a six off Bresnan over long off boundary. No-ball from Broad on third ball has exacerbated the matters. Free hit and Franklin on the strike. Franklin went for the slog but missed the ball which was back of length but batsmen run for a bye. McCullum finishes the over in style by cudgeling a six over fine leg boundary.

Over No. 18: New Zealand 124 for 5 Nathan McCullum gets off the mark with a single by hitting the ball down the ground for a single. Franklin is the lone warrior for New Zealand playing with uninhibited belligerence. Short ball from Bresnan is dispatched for a six over long leg and Franklin gets cheeky on the last ball of the over unfurling a scoop to send the ball for the boundary over wicketkeeper's head.

Over No. 17: New Zealand 110 for 5 Steven Finn comes back to attack for the last over and immediately breaks the partnership. Taylor went for the big shot over deep mid wicket on the second ball but couldn't collect properly and was holed out in the deep by Hales. This is Finn's third wicket of the match. He has bowled brilliantly. Franklin biffed the fifth ball of the over for the boundary through mid off but the umpire called it a dead ball as Finn, inadvertently, flicked the bails off the non-striker's end while delivering the ball. A wry smile from Franklin. Four runs are very crucial in context of any T20 match. Ebetually only one run is scored off the last two balls. Finn finishes his spell of 4 overs. His bowling figures are 4-0-16-3.

Ross Taylor c Hales b Finn 22(23)

Over No. 16: New Zealand 106 for 4 Ross Taylor steered the first ball of the over to third man to give strike to Franklin. Fine slow ball by Broad to deceive Franklin on the second ball as he gave himself room to hit the ball through the off side. Lovely late cut by Franklin through the vacant slip cordon and the ball races to the boundary. New Zealand reach 100 runs in 15.3 overs. A bouncer by Broad and no run scored off the fourth ball. Franklin has smacked another boundary off the fifth ball and New Zealand are heading towards a good target. A single on the last ball and Franklin retains the strike.

Over No. 16: New Zealand 96 for 4 After defending the first ball, Franklin came down the track and walloped Briggs for a six over deep mid wicket.New Zealand need a few more of these lusty blows. Two doubles of the next two balls, fine running between the wickets from both the batsmen. Franklin has hammered the fifth ball to the straight boundary. Just the kind of over New Zealand needed. A double off the last ball and New Zealand fetched 16 runs off the 15th over.

Over No. 14: New Zealand 80 for 4 Just 5 runs off the Bresnan's over. England wouldn't mind giving away five or six singles a over at this stage. England need a couple of good overs to reach a respectable target. Taylor is the key man.

Over No. 13: New Zealand 75 for 4 James Franklin defended the first two balls before taking a single off the third one. Taylor smashed a much-needed boundary off the fourth one towards the fine-leg. Singles were scored off the last two balls. Swann has completed his quota of four overs. His bowling figures for the match are 4-0-20-1.

Over No. 12: New Zealand 68 for 4 Ross Taylor gently guides the ball towards the mid on for a single. Williamson hits the next ball to deep covers and run a single. Taylor and Williamson are concentrating on getting singles. Just as Williamson tried to break the shackles, he's caught by Kieswetter off Danny Briggs. Williamson came down the track but Briggs, astutely, dug the ball short and Williamson was beaten. Ball took an outside edge and Kieswetter did the rest.

Williamson c Kieswetter b Briggs 17(23)

Over No. 11: New Zealand 64 for 3 Single off the first ball through backward square leg. Mis-fielding at covers allows Taylor to run another single. New Zealand are dealing in singles at the moment. Four more singles and six runs off Swanns's 3rd over.

Over No. 10: New Zealand 58 for 3 The first ball of the over is hit for the boundary through mid wicket by Ross Taylor off Stuart Broad. Second ball is defended while the next is wide through the leg side. Third balls is cut straight to the point and Taylor gently nudged the fourth ball for a single through square leg. Another wide from Broad. A slower bouncer which went above batsman's head. The fifth ball is pulled for a single by Williamson. The last ball is hit straight to the mid off, no run.

Over No. 9: New Zealand 50 for 3 The second ball of the over by Swanna turned sharply and beat Williamson. The wicketkeeper couldn't collect the ball properly and batsmen ran a bye. Three singles came off the next three balls. The last ball of the over is flicked through square leg for a single.

Over No. 8: New Zealand 45 for 3: Only three runs are scored in the over. Broad varied his length nicely and didn't let New Zealand batsmen any chance to go for big shots.

Over No. 7: New Zealand 42 for 3: Graeme Swann strikes in his first over. Three singles were scored off the first three balls. Fourth one was a dot ball. Nicol triend to loft the fifth ball over deep square leg boundary but holed out in the deep. New Zealand innings is in disarray.

Over No. 6: New Zealand 39 for 2: After a back-of-a-length first ball, Finn drops one short outside off stump which is defended for no run by Williamson. Another dot is followed by a cracking shot in the off. A single on the fifth ball, and then a lofted hit for a four to the right of mid-on fielder by Nicol.

Over No. 5: New Zealand 30 for 2 Bresnan has been brought into the attack. The first ball is a dot, and then three singles follow. Another dot is followed by a bouncer down the lg side for a wide. A dot to finish the over.

Over No. 4: New Zealand 26 for 2 Finn continues from the other end. After a dot on the first ball, Nicol runs for a bye as the ball rises steeply, misses both the batsman and keeper. Another dot, and then the wicket of McCullum. The right hander comes dancing down the track, trying to hit the bowler over extra cover. The ball finds a thick outside edge of his bat and goes straight to Luke Wright at third man. Four leg byes and two runs to finish another successful over by Finn.

B McCullum c Wright b Finn 10 (10)

Over No. 3: New Zealand 19 for 1 Brigg continues. After two dot balls, McCullum puts the third to the point and scampers for a single on the next. Nicol works the next towards the midwicket for yet another single. Two back-to-back boundaries by McCullum to finish the third over.

Over No. 2: New Zealand 9 for 0 Steven Finn comes on to bowl the second over. Nicol takes a single off a full length delivery that goes to fine leg after taking a thin inside edge from the bat. Guptill defends the next, but was trapped right in front on the third. The fourth was a peach, rising sharply and missing Brendon McCullum's bat. Another play and a miss by the dasher on the next. A thick outside edge goes to third man on the last ball.

M Guptill lbw b Finn 5 (6)

Over No. 1: New Zealand 6 for 0 Danny Briggs, the left-arm spinner, starts the proceedings for England. Rob Nicol and Martin Guptill open the batting for New Zealand. Guptill defends the first delivery while scampers for a single on the next. Nicol is beaten outside the off stump, trying to play a drive on the up. The fourth delivery helps Nicol to get off the mark. Guptill charges down the track to put the next ball past Nicol at the non-strikers for a four. A miscommunication that could have easily resulted in the run out of either of the two batsman ends the over.


England: Craig Kieswetter(w), Alex Hales, Luke Wright, Jonathan Bairstow, Eoin Morgan, Jos Buttler, Tim Bresnan, Stuart Broad(c), Graeme Swann, Danny Briggs, Steven Finn

New Zealand: Rob Nicol, Martin Guptill, Brendon McCullum(w), Ross Taylor(c), James Franklin, Kane Williamson, Nathan McCullum, Doug Bracewell, Daniel Vettori, Tim Southee, Kyle Mills

"I would have batted as well," says Stuart Broad. "Briggs and Bresnan replace Samit Patel and Dernbach. Briggs' skills will be useful on this wicket. We have the talent in the side and the guys have to go out and perform. [Eoin] Morgan's position is flexible and he played well in the previous game."

"We will bat first," says Ross Taylor. "Bracewell replaces Oram. Oram was not feeling well. The pitch is the same and we hope to put up a good score. We got back well in the game against Sri Lanka."

Toss: New Zealand captain Ross Taylor has won the toss and decided to bat first in their Super Eight game against New Zealand on Saturday.

Tony Greig, the former England skipper who is doing the pitch report, says the wicket at Pallekele International Cricket Stadium looks to be a good hard deck and the team should bat first if wins the toss.

Hello and welcome to our live coverage of yet another Super Eight match. Today's game is between England and New Zealand is expected to be another cracker as both teams lost their opening matches against India and Sri Lanka respectively and only a win here can help their chances of progressing to the semi-finals. You can read the complete preview here.

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