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    Fresh links exposed in 2G Spectrum scam

    New Delhi: CNN-IBN has details of what will be in the CBI's additional chargesheet in the 2G scam, two weeks hence.

    The Kalaignar TV link between Shahid Usman Balwa and A Raja has been long alleged and sources say the CBI is going to detail the 214 crore alleged kick back in its supplementary chargesheet on april 25th but with that will come revelations about yet another money trail links between Balwa's DB group and Raja's aide Sadiq Batcha.

    Balwa in his letter to the CBI accepted that he met Batcha outside Raja's office in 2006 and that they had negotiated a land deal to build hotels in Raja's constituency Perambalur.

    He also mentioned that he appointed two consultants to study business prospects of promoting Batcha's Green House.

    Now the CBI feels that the deal was much more than due diligence. Sources in the CBI say that the DB roup was about to sign an MoU with Green House promoters in 2007, just after Raja took over as the Telecom Minister. Batcha was a key aide of A Raja and it is suspected that Green House was a front company for the former minister's company. Investigators suspect that the deal between DB group and Green House was infact part of kickbacks to Raja for the 2G license.

    The MOU between the two companies ultimately did not materialise. Balwa in this letter says that the deal was shelved for business reasons but the CBI sources say that the deal was shelved as news leaked in the press about this alleged kickback. It was then that the Kalaignar TV route was worked out by the accused.

    The CBI's supplementary chargesheet is likely to reveal the trail of kickbacks from Kalaignar TV to the DB-greenhouse negotiations.