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    Hadoop puts an end to techies woes

    THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: At least some of us would have cursed the unnecessary promos appearing on our Facebook homepage, LinkedIn or similar social networking accounts. Many might have spent time getting rid of the untimely visits by irksome SMSes on dating, friendship and predictions from their mobile phones.In an era of information overload, ‘Hadoop’ has been serving as a tool to tackle the woes of end-users of technology for the past four years by providing only what they might be interested in. The software, which is capable of managing terabytes of data, can provide user recommendations that they would be interested in.At a workshop on ‘Harnessing Hadoop for big data’ organised by Flytxt at Technopark the other day, Prateek Kapadia, chief technical officer of Flytxt, said, "Through Hadoop technology, right messages reach the right person, including the common man."Exploring various facets of Hadoop-based applications for techies, the workshop covered various perspectives of recommendation engines with practicals and demonstrations.Be it images, tweets, photos or adding friends, everything goes under the monitoring of Hadoop. According to Flytxt, Hadoop automatically reads character patterns from a Facebook or similar profile and uploads suitable "recommendations’’, or simply, ads.Through this, users are provided with recommendations that will suit their preferences through the way they access various applications. It ensures that the software works by tracing only patterns, thereby assuring the user 100 percent privacy. When Hadoop reaches its full swing, in future, it would ease the efforts of advertisers to search for suitable customers.Flytxt pioneers the mobile marketing sector with two of its mobile marketing platforms; Neon and Qreda. Neon is a third generation integrated mobile campaign management platform designed to meet the end-to-end needs of mobile operators. Qreda, a mobile advertising platform, brings advertisers, agencies, publishers and mobile operators under a single roof.