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    What made Delhi High Court a soft target?

    New Delhi: A day after the most powerful terror strike in three years in the capital took 11 lives and injured 90, investigators race against time to gather crucial evidence. CNN-IBN shows how there were glaring security lapses at the Delhi High Court. There were no CCTV cameras outside the court and neither were the metal detectors working properly.

    At 10:15 am outside Gate No 5 of the Delhi High Court, a powerful bomb placed in a suitcase went off, just kilometres away from Parliament. A busy Wednesday morning meant damage was maximum. The footage captured on a mobile phone just minutes after the blast captured the mayhem there - lawyers, litigants, bystanders screaming and rushing to save themselves. More than 60 people have been injured and at last count, 11 dead.

    "I was standing in the queue to get my pass made when a loud explosion was heard. I lost all senses for a few minutes. My collegue also badly injured. He has been taken to RML. I was given first aid by HC dispensary. I am confident this couldn't have been accidental explosion," said Rahul Gupta, another eyewitness.

    "I just escaped by a few seconds. I heard a loud sound, saw people lying on the ground," said lawyer Ajay Agarwal.

    The Home Ministry said, intelligence inputs on the blast had already been sent to the Delhi Police in July. As the capital and cities across the country were put on high alert, investigations were handed over to the National Intelligence Agency (NIA), even as an email from the HUJI surfaced, the group that had claimed responsibility for the Mumbai blasts in July.

    The National Intelligence Agency has constituted a team of 20. The HuJI mail has to be taken seriously. Tests are being conducted. Investigation is open, we can't say who is responsible," said SC Sinha, NIA chief.

    What made the High Court a soft target - glaring security lapses. There were no close circuit cameras outside the court premises and the metal detectors were not even working.

    As shocked relatives of victims tried to come to terms with what had happened, the question being asked again and again - are we a sitting duck capital city?