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    Match 37th, CSK vs KXIP: As it happened

    Chennai Super Kings innings:

    20th over: 140 for 7. Kings XI Punjab beat Chennai Super Kings as Azar Mahmood bowls a terrific last over as he picks up Morkel off the first ball and restricts batsmen to nine from the last over.

    Albie Morkel c Shaun Marsh b Azhar Mahmood 8(9)

    19th over: 140 for 7. Bravo is keeps Chennai Super Kings in the contest before getting out. He hits Kumar for straight six off the second ball and then follows it up with a two and another two. But he tries to go for another maximum but is held in the deep. Meanwhile, Nuwan Kulasekara gets boundary off the last ball to make it fifteen from the over.

    Dwayne Bravo c Chawla b Praveen Kumar 30(21)

    18th over: 125 for 6. Very good over in the death by Awana. He gives just seven from the over to put more pressure on CSK. CSK need 32 from 12 balls now.

    17th over: 118 for 6. Praveen Kumar is back into the attack and Bravo gets into the groove as he smashes his fourth delivery out of the park for a six. Eleven off the over to keep CSK in hunt.

    16th over: 107 for 6. Azhar Mahmood is back into the attack and bowls a decent over in the death. Restricts the batsmen to ones and twos. Bravo and Morkel are in the middle for CSK.

    15th over: 99 for 6. And it goes from bad to worse for Chennai Super Kings. Ravindra Jadeja falls to Chawla. Jadeja tries to go for the maximum but gets the top edge and Hussey takes an easy catch. Meanwhile, Bravo has a lifeline as Marsh drops him in the deep.

    Ravindra Jadeja c David Hussey b Chawla 17(11)

    14th over: 95 for 5. This is disaster for Chennai Super Kings. Dhoni is run out. Dhoni tries to drive it through the off side but gets an inside edge to the keeper. He runs him out. Meanwhile, Jadeja smashes the bowler for a huge six straight down the ground.

    Dhoni run out (Saini) 1(4)

    13th over: 88 for 4. David Hussey, right-arm offspinner, comes into the attack and picks up Saha off the fourth ball. Saha's struggling innings comes to an end. Hussey bowls a quicker one and Saha pulls across the line but was clean bowled in the process.

    Saha b David Hussey 8(14)

    12th over: 83 for 3. Ravindra Jadeja smashes Awana for four off the second ball but gets a lifeline off the next as Piyush Chawla drops an easy catch at the mid wicket. It's an expensive over as ten runs come of it.

    11th over: 73 for 3. Chawla picks up big wicket of Suresh Raina. Great piece of work behind the stumps to stump him out. Kings XI Punjab are on top now.

    Raina st Saini b Chawla 15(17)

    10th over: 69 for 2. Parvinder Awana is back into the attack and bowls a good over, Keeps the batsmen down to just three singles off it. This is surely going down the wire.

    9th over: 66 for 2. Piyush Chawla continues and bowls a pretty nice and tight over. Gives away just three off it.

    8th over: 63 for 2. Azar Mahmood picks up another one. He is making the difference for Punjab. After being hit for a four by Raina, Mahmood varies his place and get rid off Badrinath who is caught in the deep by Dogra. He picks the catch inches of the boundary line.

    Badrinath c (sub)Dogra b Azhar Mahmood 25(18)

    Raina joins the party as he plays a classy shot for four between the point and the thrid-man.

    7th over: 57 for 1. Piyush Chawla, right-arm legspinner, comes into the attack and gives away nine from the over that includes a boundary through the extra cover, four single and a two. Badrinath and Raina are in the middle for CSK.

    6th over: 48 for 1. Azhar Mahmood, medium, comes into the attack and picks up du Plessis. Mahmood bowls a slower one and du Plessis gifts a simple catch back to him. Gives just three from the over.

    du Plessis c and b Azhar Mahmood 29(20)

    5th over: 45 for 0. Parvinder Awana, right-arm medium, comes into the attack and Badrinath sneaks his firs ball past the diving keeper and for four. On the other hand, du Plessis takes the charge and smashes the third ball for four at long-off and whacks the fifth ball straight down the ground for another boundary. Great start by CSK.

    4th over: 31 for 0. Men in yellow are getting into the swing of the things as they pick up another eleven from the over. du Plessis hits Bipul Sharma for four off the fourth delivery through the third-man and then smashes him for a six over the long on.

    3rd over: 20 for 0. Chennai batsmen are getting used to the pitch as Badrinath smashed Praveen Kumar for four off the third ball though the cover and follows it up with a single. Meanwhile, du Plessis smashed him for the maximum straight down the ground off the last ball.

    2nd over: 8 for 0. Spin from the other end as Bhargav Bhatt, left-arm spin, shares the new ball. Keeps it nice and tight from the first five deliveries but bowls a loosener which Badrinath cuts it for four down the third-man.

    1st over: 2 for 0. du Plessis and Badrinath are at the crease. Praveen Kumar starts proceedings for Kings XI Punjab and bowls a tidy first over. Chennai pick just two from the over.

    Kings XI Punjab innings:

    20th over: 156 for 8. Brilliant last over by Nuwan Kulasekara as he gives just seven from it and also picks up Saini. CSK have done very well to restrict them to 156/8.

    Saini c and b Nuwan Kulasekara 6(4)

    19th over: 149 for 7. Dwayne Bravo continues and Punjab batsmen pick up ten from the over thanks to two boundaries. Bipul Sharma gets the first boundary through the fine-leg and Saini picks the other one thanks to a pull shot. Meanwhile, CSK picks up Bipul Sharma via run out.

    Bipul Sharma run out (Dhoni) 7(5)

    18th over: 139 for 6. Fantastic over by Albie Morkel as he gets rid off David Hussey and Piyush Chawla in space of three balls. Wickets are falling quite regularly now and this is not at all good for Punjab.

    David Hussey c Jakati b Albie Morkel 7(4)

    Chawla c Dwayne Bravo b Albie Morkel 0(2)

    17th over: 137 for 4. Dwayne Bravo is back into the attack and he bowls a decent as he gives just eight from it but picks up important wicket of Mandeep Singh who tries to go for the maximum but only manages to find Suresh Raina in the deep.

    Mandeep Singh c Raina b Dwayne Bravo 56(50)

    16th over: 129 for 3. David Miller departs, after hitting Morkel for four between mid wicket and long-on, he plays a nothing shot and gives away a simple catch to MS Dhoni. Still eight runs comes from the over.

    David Miller c Dhoni b Albie Morkel 19(15)

    15th over: 121 for 2. R Ashwin is back into the attack to bowl his last over a gives eight from the over. Meanwhile, Mandeep Singh brings up his fifty.

    14th over: 113 for 2. Nuwan Kulasekara is back into the attack and David Miller takes the attack to him as he plays wonderful shot for four through the extra cover region. Another good over for Punjab as eight runs comes off it.

    13th over: 105 for 2. Albie Morkel is back into the attack and after keeping batsmen down to just four from five balls, Mandeep Singh hits him over the cover for a four to make it eight from the over.

    12th over: 97 for 2. Dwayne Bravo continues and picks up dangerous looking Azhar Mahmood. Hint of a swing and Mahmood was adjudged LBW. This will surely boost CSK chances in this match.

    Azhar Mahmood lbw b Dwayne Bravo 18(12)

    11th over: 92 for 1. Ravindra Jadeja, left-arm spin, comes into the attack and after giving single off the first ball, Azhar Mahmood smashes him for two back-to-back sixes over the long on and two singles from the last three balls make it 15 from the over.

    10th over: 77 for 1. Dwayne Bravo, comes into the attack after strategy break and keeps it nice and tight from his first over. Gives just five from that over.

    9th over: 72 for 1. Shaun Marsh departs. Probably the most unfortunate way to get out. Mandeep drives the ball hard and straight, back at Ashwin and the bowler gets hand to it before hitting the ball hit the stumps. Marsh is short of the ground. Azhar Mahmood, right handed bat, comes to the crease.

    Shaun Marsh run out (Ashwin) 32(22)

    8th over: 68 for 0. Jakati continues and Marsh unleashes his fury on the bowler. Hi hits him for a huge huge six straight down the bowlers head and then follows it up with two back-to-back boundaries, first one straight down the ground and second a brilliant cut shot. Seventeen from the over.

    7th over: 51 for 0. Another bowling change as Suresh Raina comes into attack and Marsh welcomes him with a boundary off the first ball through the point region. Eight runs comes from the over. This is fine start by Punjab.

    6th over: 43 for 0. Spin from both ends as Shadab Jakati, comes into the attack and Mandeep continues to strike ball well. After restricting them to just one from first three balls, Mandeep hits him over the cover for four but left-arm spinner comes back well with two dot balls to end the over.

    5th over: 38 for 0. R Ashwin continues and bowls an otherwise a good over apart from the fourth ball that Mandeep sends out of the park. Mandeep Singh swings through the line and goes over long on for the first maximum of the match.

    4th over: 30 for 0. Nuwan Kulasekara is back into the attack from the other end and Mandeep is looking in fine form as he smashes him four through the cover. But the bowler makes a good comeback by restricting them for just one from next five balls.

    3rd over: 25 for 0. MS Dhoni brings R Ashwin in the attack and gives away five in the over. Good start for the spinner.

    2nd over: 20 for 0. Albie Morkel, right-arm pacer, comes into the attack and Marsh welcomes him with a classy boundary through the point region off the first ball. Meanwhile, Mandeep on the other hand smashes him for four through the mid wicket region. Eleven runs come from the over.

    1st over: 9 for 0. Mandeep Singh and Shaun Marsh are at the crease for Punjab whereas Nuwan Kulasekara will open the attack. And it's a good start for Punjab as they pick up nine runs from the over that includes off the second ball by Mandeep Singh through mid wicket. To wides and two singles make it nine from it.

    3:30 pm: Kings XI Punjab's skipper David Hussey has won the toss and opted to bat against Chennai Super Kings at the MA Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai. CSK bring in Shadab Jakati into the side.


    Chennai Super Kings: S Badrinath, Faf du Plessis, Suresh Raina, MS Dhoni (wk/capt), Dwayne Bravo, Albie Morkel, Ravindra Jadeja, Wriddhiman Saha, Nuwan Kulasekara, Ravichandran Ashwin, Shadab Jakati

    Kings XI Punjab: Nitin Saini (wk), Mandeep Singh, Shaun Marsh, David Hussey (capt), David Miller, Azhar Mahmood, Bipul Sharma, Piyush Chawla, Praveen Kumar, Bhargav Bhatt, Parvinder Awana

    3:15 pm: Hello and welcome to the 37th match of IPL season five between Chennai Super Kings and Kings XI Punjab at the MA Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai. Punjab will be itching to make amends for the one that got away against Mumbai, while Chennai will be eager to get back in the thick of things, after a washout against Royal Challengers Bangalore.