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    Kerala: Upbeat UDF expects convincing victory

    THIRUVANATHAPURAM: The UDF camp is upbeat as preliminary assessments coming in from the constituencies suggest a near clean sweep for the Congress-led Front. A couple of reports that have come in, a day after the Assembly polls, have given the signal that the reports are favouring the UDF in the state. The 'intelligence wing' within the KPCC, the calculations made by the mandalam, booth, block and district committees, predicted a clean sweep for the UDF.

    After the permutations and combinations made from the reports given by these committees, the KPCC has put it at 94 seats for the UDF. The All India Congress Committee has analysed that the UDF would be getting 87 seats. In another nine seats there is tough fight and there are chances that at least five of this might go the UDF way. So in total, it would be 92 seats for the UDF, is the prediction from the AICC.

    But the Central Intelligence Bureau's report is little different. The IB report predicts that the UDF would be getting anywhere between 80 and 85 seats and the LDF would get anywhere between 55 and 60. This report has predicted that the difference between the Fronts will be only within 20 seats.

    However, the UDF camp is confident that it would be a clean sweep this time and the number might go above 95. A senior leader told this paper "do not be surprised if it goes beyond 100''. That's the confidence level of the party in the state now.

    Both Opposition leaders Oommen Chandy and KPCC Ramesh Chennithala are sure enough that the verdict is going to be a fitting reply to the LDF government's performance and would prove that there was no VS factor in the state. Whenever there is high polling percentage in the state, the verdict has been against the government.

    It's the anti-incumbency factor that lead to the increase in the polling percentage, they claimed.