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    Experts explain sporadic rainfall

    Bangalore rains have always been unpredictable. A typical feature of rains in the city is that while some areas of Bangalore receive rainfall, others remain bone dry.“Sometimes it rains in an area while the adjoining area remains dry. For someone driving from one part of the city to other, rain becomes a passing phenomenon,” observed Jishnu, a resident. He added that this can be regularly observed near his house in Mathikere. “When it is raining in Mathikere, Malleswaram would be basking in sun,” he said.This behaviour is a result of Vertical Cloud development, which leads to shower only in a place where it is formed, if there is no wind. This is Called Convective Rainfall and it is a common phenomenon in the tropics according to experts.“In Bangalore, this kind of rainfall occurs only during the Pre-monsoon season in the months of April and May. Cloud development is usually vertical and can go anywhere upto 15 kms,” said state meteorologist B Puttana. He added that the phenomenon could be observed all over the state.“There are many districts in the state, where it rains only in a radius of 5-10 km. It depends on the type of cloud formed and if there is wind to distribute the clouds on a horizontal plane,” he added. Convectional rainfall is a result of the sun heating up the ground making water from the surface evaporate and turn into moist air which then rises upwards and condenses into clouds.