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    Molestation charge against Pomersbach dropped

    New Delhi: Zohal Hamid's lawyer on Thursday sent notice to police saying she's withdrawing molestation charge against Royal Challengers Bangalore player Luke Pomersbach to approach court for withdrawal of charges.

    Hamid's lawyer Rajneesh Chopra said that they will move an application in the High Court during the day.

    Bangalore player Pomersbach was arrested last Friday after Hamid alleged he molested her and hit her fiance Sahil when he objected to the cricketer's behaviour. Pomersbach was arrested and court granted him bail later.

    She is also dropping legal proceedings against RCB director Siddharth Mallya for casting aspersions on her character through tweets after she complained to police about molestation by the cricketer.

    In a late night Tweet Siddharth Mallya said, "So glad that all charges have been dropped and Luke can return down under a free man."

    "I've always been a very loyal person who stands up for friends. The tweets/comments made were unfortunate, being the product of stressful circumstances and I realise people drew meaning and connotations other than and beyond what was intended against Zohal," he tweeted.