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    Revisit NCTC provisions, Jayalalithaa tells PM

    CHENNAI: Pointing out that certain provisions of the proposed National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC) to be set up from March 1 are highly objectionable and tantamount to usurping the powers of the States, Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa on Friday expressed her displeasure over the Centre’s failure to take the States into confidence in this regard.Writing to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in this regard, she requested him to re-examine the provisions of the NCTC so that a counter-terrorism mechanism that is purposeful and duly representative of the role of the States could emerge.“I share the concerns of other State CMs who have expressed reservations against the attitude of certain Ministries in the Union government acting in a high-handed manner without due consultation with the States. Matters of public order and police are in the State List and it is unreasonable that when a major initiative like NCTC is being established without taking the States into confidence.”Under the NCTC, the power of arrest and seizure is vested with the Joint Secretary of the Union Home Ministry. With this, the Home Department of the State is now sought to be transferred to IB officers in the NCTC. “This is highly objectionable and can be misused to suit ends that are motivated by reasons other than fighting terrorism. Moreover, setting up of inter-State intelligence team by the NCTC is tantamount to usurping the legitimate rights of States.” She also pointed out that the NCTC shall, for the purposes of discharging its functions, have the power to seek information of every other kind in whatever from, from any agency furnishing or obliged to furnish such information. Further, the agency may do so under such conditions of confidentiality as may be reasonable in the circumstances of the case.“My government has always been taking a firm stand regarding terrorist organisations. I can definitely say that availability and transmission of advance intelligence, remaining in a state of alertness and modernisation of equipment, coupled with advanced training, are key elements of any anti-terrorist establishment. Mere setting up of centres will not serve the purpose,” she said.The CM also said that the PM was well aware of her commitment to supporting all measures and efforts taken for strengthening the unity and integrity of India.