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    Meet to express support to Suryanelli victim

    THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: A convention to express solidarity with the victim of the Suryanelli case, who had also been accused of taking money from the office where she had been working, would be held at the Gandhi Park here at 5 p m on Wednesday.The convention would be inaugurated by V S Achuthanandan and would be attended by K Ajitha, Sugathakumari, Suja Susan George and Kamala Sadanandan among others.The convention, being organised by Sthree Kootayma, would declare that victims cannot be preys over and over again. The victim of the Suryanelli case had been working as a peon in a Sales Tax office in Changanaserry. She was accused of taking money from the office. The Sthree Kootayma in a release said that the girl had paid back the money. After the girl remitted the money, she and three others in the office were transferred to another office.There was no further action in the case.The girl’s family had also submitted a memorandum to the then Chief Minister V S Achuthanandan saying that these were all part of a move to trap them.“It was alleged that the Suryanelli girl had not remitted the money in the bank, as she was supposed to. But in a computerised office, it is really doubtful how so much of money can come into the hands of a last grade employee. It is definitely a trap and former Finance Minister Thomas Isaac had ordered an inquiry into it,” said Mercy Alexander of Sthree Koottayma.It was out of the blue that she was arrested by the Crime Branch on her way to office on February 6. She was not granted bail on technical reasons. The Sthree Kootayma in a release said that now there is a move to frame the girl. The members of the Sthree Kootayma said that the present move was an orchestrated one to trap the Suryanelli girl in the most cunning manner."What happened one year ago at the Sales Tax office is being brought up again even after the girl was forced to pay the money back,” the members said. The Sthree Kottayma said that all people in the state have a responsibility to support this family, which has been suffering for the last 16 years.