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    No camera saves India A blushes against Australia

    Chennai A bizarre incident took place on the final day of the three-day tour match between India A and the Australians played at the Guru Nanak College here on Monday when Rakesh Dhurv was hit for four and got the wicket off the same ball.

    In the 48th over of the Australians first innings, Peter Siddle had flicked Dhurv, the left-arm spinner, towards mid-wicket, with Manpreet Gony chasing the ball. Gony fumbled right at the boundary line, with the ball appearing to hit the ropes and bouncing onto his fist and his feet touching the rope. An off-balance Gony went past the boundary rope and came back in to throw the ball from the outfield resulting in the run-out. Disregarding the spirit of the game and fair play, India A players celebrated the wicket.

    The dismissal was referred to the third umpire by the on-field official Anil Chaudhary, but with no cameras to cover the ball in the outfield, the third umpire B Kalyanasundaram had to give Siddle out as he was short of his crease.

    The media contingent present at the ground tried to convey that it was a boundary but to no avail. Manpreet Gony must have realised that he had touched the ball and his foot was touching the rope but chose to ignore it. The visitors' did not make big fuss out of the matter but clearly the spirit of the game was compromised and if the game was televised and cameras had been there to cover the ball in the outfield, it could have been quite an embarrassing moment for Gony and for his team.

    For matches that are not televised, there are six 'run-out' cameras with two each at the cover and midwicket fences and one each at the two ends to help with run-outs and no-balls.

    The wicket did no influence the result of the match as Australia were already reeling when Siddle got out. India A went on to enforce follow-on on the Australians and the game eventually ended in a tame draw.