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    No permanent friends or enemies in cricket politics: Gaurav Kalra

    In a massive setback for N Srinivasan, the Supreme Court has refused to stay the Bombay High Court order that termed the BCCI IPL spot-fixing probe panel as illegal. CNN-IBN's sports editor Gaurav Kalra joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on the issue.

    Q. How can the BCCI constitution be changed in 2009 to allow Srini to own a team in IPL? Was it not known then that Srinivasan would misuse this amendment? Asked by: Kumar

    A. That was a significant moment...because to accommodate one official the BCCI went away from an established principle that had stood the test of time for many years...that no official should have direct commercial interest in the game...and if you look back at the period, everyone was complicit

    Q. Hello sir, we have due respect for Mr Srinivasan but then don't you think people who are part of cricketing world or people who have played cricket can better mange cricketing affairs than those have never ever played cricket or represented India in any international match. Asked by: Tanveer Md Masood

    A. I don't think it has to do with ex cricketers or not- the quality of the person is paramount- to be fair to Mr Srinivasan he has spent many years in the game and has a record of being an avid follower and an able administrator...but over the last couple of years, that record has been tarnished due to all that has happened.

    Q. Will we ever get the BCCI to be managed professionally ever, with transparency and accountability? Asked by: EM

    A. I think transparency is an important issue...increasingly the board has become very opaque and abrasive...there is very little communication and some key decisions are never explained...I for one believe the BCCI could do with a better communications department!

    Q. Jagmohan Dalmiya was once hounded like this and now he is back.Will it be the same with Srinivasan? Asked by: sundar1950in

    A. In cricket politics, it has been well established that there are no permanent friends and no permanent enemies!

    Q. With political heavy weights in plenty will BCCI on sacrifice of Srini, get holier and absolved of all it's ills and wrongs? Asked by: sundar1950in

    A. It is incredible indeed how the political class leaves aside all differences and unites in the BCCI...these are sworn opponents in the real world but work well together in the board...must be some magnet!

    Q. BCCI-IPL bosses, not only Srini, will all move out, leaving Dalmia to face the court and police. Media will be happy for having got Justice. Will not cricket suffer? Asked by: sundar1950in

    A. Well through this period, the team has done very well...so the players seem to be able to insulate themselves...as for one individual, while he has been the focus, he isn't the problem alone...think the culture that has bred this sort of filth in the game has to be looked at, and cleaned up.

    Q. Does this mean that BCCI has to appoint a new panel? Will the new panel perform a fair investigation? The Delhi police itself is yet to conclude on the investigation, but the appointed panel has given a clean chit to Srinivasan and his son-in-law. Asked by: Gops

    A. The board can appoint a new panel...it is one of the options before it...but that will be an admission that the previous panel was flawed...it is precisely to contest that that they have gone to supreme court.

    Q. What about our legends Gavaskar, Tendulkar, Ganguly, Kapil, Shastri, Sidhu are all shutting their mouth on IPL spot fixing saga? They r all know problem not exists in IPL but in BCCI itself..but why single word is not coming out from their mouth? Fear of losing job given by board? Asked by: Vinod KR

    A. Some of them have spoken but not a lot...also, we should remember that a lot of this is under judicial investigation and to presume guilt is also unfair....i would prefer though if more players spoke about the governance of the game in India and created some sort of pressure group...that is missing.

    Q. Don't' you think IPL should be banned? The opinion of the common man is that it was brought on to the ground only for betting rackets and black money holders? Asked by: Nomula Vinod

    A. I do think there is a huge concern about the IPL and where it stands with fans now...is it a clean tournament? that is the central question...and I think if the doubts are not addressed there will be some revulsion towards it next year.

    Q. Is it the police or the ACB unit of ICC who exposed IPL fixing? Asked by: Shri A.S.PURANIK

    A. The police did, but not because they were looking out for it...they just happened to stumble on to it while investigating another matter.