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    WB polls: Mamata woos voters with marathon

    Kolkata: The Mamata marathon has begun, covering 6 kilometers on first day and another 7 kilometers on second day.

    With another padyatra, Mamata Banerjee is literally sweating it out to trample the Left.

    She knows that for the hot seat, she needs to sweat it out and has adopted the new mantra to woo the voters.

    And for the thousands of her supporters following her across the streets of Kolkata the heat and the distance are no sweet.

    "We can walk with Mamata Banerjee till the finish. We are not afraid," said a Trinamool worker.

    "My legs are hurt and I have lost my shoes but I will still walk with her," said another determined worker.

    Candidates, party workers, eager onlookers, and an army of journalists were all racing to catch up with her.

    "This is the best way to communicate with people," said TMC candidate Dr Shashi Panja.

    "We can walk with her as long as it takes. We are with Maa, Mati, Manush," said Mala Saha, another TMC candidate.

    Despite the heat and exhaustion, people in the marathon move towards the finishing line hoping that Mamata's campaign is not just about long walks but some talk of action as well.