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    CWG stadia will be open to public

    New Delhi: Delhi's Commonwealth Games may have been hit by controversies but now the city has something to celebrate. The 8 stadia, which hosted the games will now be thrown open to the public. And going by the massive response on just the first day of registration, the sports ministry is planning to add more coaches and grounds for people to come and play.16-year-old Shankar Mittal was one of the first boys to register himself to avail of the cricket facilities at Dhyanchand Stadium. For the young cricketer who has just written his class 10 exams and is now applying to other schools under the sports quota, playing here has always been a dream. "If I go and tell them that I have been playing for Vasundhara cricket academy, they will ask me where it is. But if I tell them I am playing in Major Dhyanchand stadium, this will make a great impression,” he said.The reason why its today possible for young people to play at these international stadia is because the Sports Ministry wants Delhiites to come and play. And that too at a price ranging from Rs 75-500."Better opportunity, better equipments, better coaching facilities and better outcome I can say" said Vibhor, student.After the Commonweath Games got over in October 2010, the government didn’t quite know what to do with these world class stadia built at a mammoth cost. Only recently, the Sports Ministry decided to allow the residents of this city to use the facilities here. More than 1000 students registered themselves on the very first day. While the Sports Ministry is thrilled with this response, its also aware that the upkeep of the stadia will be top priority."Maintenance is one of the biggest challenges for us. We have given Rs 4 crore as an advance to CPWD for the maintenance of these stadia,” said Ajay Makan, Sports Minister, Government of India.Come and play scheme is not all, the sports ministry is also considering to make various sporting arenas the centres for excellence where atheletes representing India can also come and practice before any international event.