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    Shunglu panel blames Emaar, L-G for CWG mess

    New Delhi: The VK Shunglu Panel in its second report on irregularities in Commonwealth games has severely indicted the Delhi Lt Governor Tejinder Khanna for neglect and the developer of the games village EMAAR MGF for its tardy approach.

    The panel has fixed the overall loss caused to the exchequer to the tune of Rs 220 crore.

    The real estate developer EMAAR MGF has been accused of selling 333 flats at higher prices, The total hike calculated from Rs 134 crore to Rs 222 crore.

    Unauthorised payments have been made to EMAAR MGF to the tune of Rs 64 crores.

    Other than Tejinder Khanna, blame for the delay and loss at the games village has been fixed at Ashok kumar, vice chairman, DDA, Nand Lal, member finance, AK Bajaj- former member, engineering, M Ramachandran -former secretary, urban development who played a key role in determining bail out pkg for EMAAR MGF.

    The Shunglu panel is now asking for strict action to be taken against all officials named and EMAAR MGF.

    Its also asking for sweeping changes to be made to the governance structure of DDA where the Lt Governor, still acts as the ex officio chairman.

    The Shunglu Panel is asking for action against Babus as well as Emaar MGF. Afterall the games village was supposed to be one of the high points of the entire games exercise.

    Responding to the probe panel indictment, EMAAR MGF has released a statement saying, "We wish to state that Emaar MGF has complied and strictly adhered to all laws and regulations made binding in the 'contractual agreement' to develop the Commonwealth Games Residential Village. The development of Commonwealth Games Residential Village, since the time it started in 2007, was monitored closely by DDA and other relevant authorities and all clearances were given as per laid out laws and guidelines."

    So after Prasar Bharti officials, it is the turn of DDA to face the music from the probe panel.