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    PCB asks FICA to send security delegation

    Lahore: The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has urged the Federation of International Cricketers Association (FICA) to send a security delegation to Pakistan to explore ground realities before trying to enforce their rigid views on the Board and other cricket playing nations.

    "To us it is strange that FICA can make a sweeping statement like it is not possible to hold international matches in Pakistan because of the security situation without any of their officials or representatives ever visiting Pakistan to assess the ground realities," a senior official of PCB said.

    Tim May, the chief executive of the players representative body, had questioned the ICC's plan to allow Bangladesh's planned ODI tour to Pakistan to go ahead despite the governing body of the sports not being willing to send its own match officials to a country on advice that it was unsafe to visit.

    But the chief operating officer of PCB, Subhan Ahmad said that the proposed series was a bilateral one and if the two boards were satisfied with the security level then no one should be worried.

    "Especially FICA since they are neither recognised nor have any representative body in Pakistan," he said.

    Ahmad also said if the PCB or the Pakistan government felt even for a minute that the security situation was not ideal to invite an international team, it would have never taken such a risk.

    "But the reality is that situation has improved in Pakistan in the last two years and what bothers us is that bodies like FICA make sweeping statements without ever having bothered to even visit this country."