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    Kerala polls: LDF takes help of Mammootty film

    Thiruvananthapuram: It's poll season in Kerala and election fever is gripping Malayalam cinema as always. This time Southern superstar Mammootty stars in the latest potboiler, a propaganda film for the LDF.

    But will box office success translate into votes?

    Will the super cop save the life of the honest Chief Minister? That's the seemingly simple theme of the latest Mammootty starrer.

    Except that this is poll season and propaganda for the ruling Left.

    From the pro-person Chief Minister called VG to the powerful but silent party secretary, all characters convey one message - all is well between the comrades in the state. The makers deny the connection!

    There is already an undercurrent over a superficial exposure outside. No, we have not custed anything like that. We have just gone through our story, but, of course, due to a highly-heated political atmosphere here, because of the elections, there can be a misunderstanding like that," said scriptwriter SN Swamy.

    Sequel to the super hit movie - August one - released 23 years ago, 'August 15' was a much awaited film, but not all fans were enthused.

    "The movie is disappointing as it is politicised...made to win this election," said Shebin, a movie lover.

    "It is clear that the message is that there are no issues between the party secretary and chief minister. But people have the brains to differentiate between cinema and reality," said Jayaraj, another film lover.

    Malayalam cinema has seen several political thrillers in the past that mirrored the political scene in the state. But a pro left movie just before the elections is the first - setting a new trend. Perhaps not a thrilling one!