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    US fake varsity: students caught in a bind

    New Delhi: About a thousand Indian students, mostly from Andhra Pradesh, could be deported back from the United States after their university was shut down on charges of an immigration fraud.A criminal investigation shows that the students were working illegally in the US. Meanwhile, the MEA has asked for a report from its embassy in Washington.The students are confused and clueless after their university in US was suddenly declared illegal.Their college - Tri-Valley University in San Francisco - is being charged with immigration fraud, misuse of visa permits and money laundering among other crimes.Some of the students have been questioned by the police - others are worried about legal action.The US government is worried about the immigration fraud but is providing no assurance of compensation or alternative schooling to the students.“Any activity involving visa fraud would obviously be of great concern to us. The investigation of that is done by law enforcement, obviously with our cooperation, since we are the ones who issue visas," State Department spokesman P J Crowley said.The ministry of external affairs is also concerned. It has asked the Indian embassy in Washington and the consulate in San Francisco for a report. The government is examining how many students have been affected, what their options are and what help can be given to them.There is also concern about other students who might be at risk in other fraudulent universities.The matter will also be raised with the State Department that will also have to answer as to why it gave valid visas to students who had enrolled in a fraudulent university.