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    BJDs celebration too loud for comfort

    It seems ministership hands out Biju Janata Dal (BJD) leaders the licence to have a ‘crack’ at law. Within hours of being intimated that they have been taken into the Cabinet, some of the leaders decided to have a ‘loud’ celebration cocking a snook at the sound pollution norms and posing severe inconvenience to the residents of Unit I area on Thursday.As soon as the swearing-in ceremony was over, there were fireworks by supporters of two BJD leaders - living in Unit I - to celebrate the elevation of the MLAs into ministers.The celebration which started at about 3.30 pm continued for an hour giving the residents a tough time.The Commissionerate Police which swiftly goes after the wedding procession parties and revellers for bursting crackers and creating noise pollution was happy to watch this revelry from sidelines.What was worse, the shrill show of power took place not only in an area which is residential in nature but houses educational institutions and health clinics, which are supposed to be silent zones.There are at least one college and two  schools in the locality but neither the political leaders and their supporters had any respect for the sound norms nor did the police choose to enforce any.The Capital Hospital, also a silent zone, is nearby.Bizarre as it may seem, the place where it all took place is not very far from Bhubaneswar DCP Nitinjit Singh’s residence.That was not all though. So happy were the leaders and their supporters that they decided to have a go at it in the evening time too.The Urban Police Act, 2003, bars use of fire crackers except on Diwali. During wedding processions, bright light emitting fire crackers are permitted with a licence.“They are Ministers, we cannot do much,” said a police officer expressing helplessness.