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    Ranji Trophy 2012-13: the full schedule

    New Delhi: With the 2012-13 Ranji Trophy season starting across the country on November 2, we present the full schedule of the matches leading up to the final starting January 26, 2013. This is the first season under which the new format put in place by the BCCI a few months ago will be in effect – that of 27 teams divided into three groups. The Elite and Plate divisions have been dissolved. The top three teams from Groups A, B and C will qualify for the quarter-finals, which are due to start January 6. All knockout matches will be played across five days. The three groups are: Group A: Rajasthan, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Madhya Pradesh, Saurashtra, Railways, Bengal, Punjab, Gujarat.Group B: Tamil Nadu, Haryana, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Vidarbha, Delhi, Baroda, Odisha.Group C: Himachal Pradesh, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Services, Tripura, Goa, Jharkhand, Jammu and Kashmir, Assam.All matches are slated to began at 9:30AM IST. All information here is as per the BCCI website. Rajasthan are the current Ranji Trophy champions. 1st round, November 2-5Group A: Bengal v Rajasthan in Kolkata; Mumbai v Railways in Mumbai; Punjab v Hyderabad in Mohali; Madhya Pradesh v Gujarat in Indore.Group B: Odisha v Tamil Nadu in Cuttack; Haryana v Vidarbha in Lahli; Baroda v Karnataka in Baroda; Uttar Pradesh v Delhi in Ghaziabad.Group C: Himachal Pradesh v Kerala in Amtar; Andhra v Services in Anantapur; Assam v Tripura in Guwahati; Jammu & Kashmir v Jharkhand in Jammu.2nd round, November 9-12Group A: Rajasthan v Mumbai in Jaipur; Hyderabad v Madhya Pradesh in Hyderabad; Gujarat v Saurashtra in Surat; Punjab v Bengal in Mohali.Group B: Tamil Nadu v Karnataka in Chennai; Maharashtra v Uttar Pradesh in Pune; Baroda v Vidarbha in Baroda; Delhi v Odisha in DelhiGroup C: Andhra v Tripura in Anantapur; Goa v Jammu & Kashmir in Goa; Jharkhand v Assam in Jamshedpur.3rd round, November 17-20Group A: Rajasthan v Madhya Pradesh in Jaipur; Hyderabad v Saurashtra in Hyderabad; Railways v Punjab in Bhubaneshwar; Bengal v Gujarat in Kolkata.Group B: Tamil Nadu v Maharashtra in Chennai; Haryana v Odisha in Lahli; Uttar Pradesh v Karnataka in Meerut; Delhi v Baroda in Delhi.Group C: Himachal Pradesh v Andhra in Amtar; Kerala v Assam in Malappuram; Tripura v Services in Agartala; Jharkhand v Goa in Jamshedpur.4th round, November 24-27Group A: Hyderabad v Mumbai in Hyderabad; Madhya Pradesh v Bengal in Indore; Punjab v Saurashtra in Patiala; Railways v Gujarat in Bhubaneshwar.Group B: Delhi v Tamil Nadu in Delhi; Haryana v Baroda in Lahli; Vidarbha v Maharashtra in Nagpur; Karnataka v Odisha in Bangalore.Group C: Jharkhand v Himachal Pradesh in Ranchi; Kerala v Goa in Malappuram; Jammu & Kashmir v Andhra in Jammu; Services v Assam in Delhi.5th round, December 1 -4Group A: Punjab v Rajasthan in Patiala; Mumbai v Bengal in Mumbai; Gujarat v Hyderabad in Ahmedabad; Saurashtra v Railways in Rajkot.Group B: Vidarbha v Tamil Nadu in Nagpur; Haryana v Delhi in Lahli; Odisha v Maharashtra in Sambalpur; Uttar Pradesh v Baroda in Kanpur.Group C: Himachal Pradesh v Tripura in Dharamsala; Services v Kerala in Delhi; Andhra v Goa in Visakhapatnam; Assam v Jammu & Kashmir in Guwahati.6th round, December 8-11Group A: Gujarat v Rajasthan in Ahmedabad; Mumbai v Punjab in Mumbai; Railways v Madhya Pradesh in Bhubaneshwar; Saurashtra v Bengal in Rajkot.Group B: Maharashtra v Haryana in Pune; Karnataka v Delhi in Bangalore; Vidarbha v Uttar Pradesh in Nagpur; Baroda v Odisha in Baroda.Group C: Assam v Himachal Pradesh in Guwahati; Kerala v Jammu & Kashmir in Malappuram; Goa v Services in Goa; Tripura v Jharkhand in Agartala.7th round, December 15-18Group A: Railways v Rajasthan in Bhubaneshwar; Saurashtra v Mumbai in Rajkot; Bengal v Hyderabad in Kolkata; Madhya Pradesh v Punjab in Gwalior.Group B: Baroda v Tamil Nadu in Baroda; Uttar Pradesh v Haryana in Lucknow; Delhi v Maharashtra in Delhi; Karnataka v Vidarbha in Bangalore.Group C: Goa v Himachal Pradesh in Goa; Tripura v Kerala in Agartala; Jharkhand v Andhra in Dhanbad; Services v Jammu & Kashmir in Delhi.8th round, December 22-25Group A: Rajasthan v Saurashtra in Jaipur; Madhya Pradesh v Mumbai in Indore; Hyderabad v Railways in Hyderabad; Gujarat v Punjab in Ahmedabad.Group B: Tamil Nadu v Uttar Pradesh in Chennai; Karnataka v Haryana in Bangalore; Maharashtra v Baroda in Pune; Odisha v Vidarbha in Cuttack.Group C: Jammu & Kashmir v Himachal Pradesh in Jammu; Kerala v Jharkhand in Malappuram; Assam v Andhra in Guwahati; Tripura v Goa in Agartala.9th round, December 29-January 1Group A: Rajasthan v Hyderabad in Jaipur; Mumbai v Gujarat in Mumbai; Saurashtra v Madhya Pradesh in Rajkot; Bengal v Railways in Kolkata.Group B: Tamil Nadu v Haryana in Chennai; Maharashtra v Karnataka in Pune; Odisha v Uttar Pradesh in Cuttack; Vidarbha v Delhi in Nagpur.Group C: Andhra v Kerala in Kadapa; Services v Jharkhand in Delhi; Jammu & Kashmir v Tripura in Jammu; Goa v Assam in Goa.QFs, January 6-10SFs, January 16-20Final, January 26-30Venues for the knockout stage and final will be announced later in the season.