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    Read: Transcripts of the IPL sting

    New Delhi: In the ongoing fixing menace in the IPL, the players who perhaps have the most to answer are Deccan Chargers medium-pacer TP Sudhindra and Pune Warriors India batsman Mohnish Mishra, both of whom play for Madhya Pradesh in the Ranji Trophy. While Sudhindra was the leading wicket-taker for his side last year, Mishra too has scored well for his state side.In the sting, Sudhindra agreed to spot-fix. In this case, he agreed to bowl a no-ball deliberately for cash in a local match in Indore last year. Here is the transcript of his conversation with an undercover reporter.Sudhindra: I hope this will be for one match only.Reporter: You will have to do this for only one in 15 to 20 matches. Sudhindra: No problem.Reporter: It could be a match at any level.Sudhindra: Okay.Reporter: Whether it is the IPL, Ranji Trophy or Indore Premier League.Sudhindra: Okay.Reporter: We are not asking you to fix the entire match but only a spot. Are you okay with spot-fixing? Sudhindra: Okay.Reporter: I'll give you Rs. 5,000. What is your price?Sudhindra: For that tournament, Rs. 40,000. Reporter: Rs. 40,000 for one ball – be it a no-ball, wide or bouncer.In another sting, his state team-mate Mishra also confessed that he was getting Rs 1.45 crore from his owner Pune, whereas he was in the Rs 30 lakh slab decided by the BCCI. Here is the transcript.Reporter: Sahara mein kitna matlab… [how much from Sahara]? 1 crore bataya tha na aapne… nahi dedh crore [you told Rs 1 crore or 1.5 crore]?Mohnish: 1.45 [cr]Reporter: Ek crore paintalis lakh [1 crore 45 lakh]?Mohnish: Han [yes]Reporter: Usmein se kitna, 30 lakh aapko [how much do you get out of that, Rs 30 lakh]?Mohnish: Maine ek black mein liya hai bus. [I have taken one crore in black]. Paintalis lakh liya hai white mein. [And I’ve taken 45 lakh in white]. Paintalis lakh mein 30 lakh wala slab hai wo unke hisab se aayega jo BCCI ka rule hai [out of Rs. 45 lakh, Rs. 30 lakh will be according to the slab fixed by the BCCI].