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    Kasab: 26/11 survivors want harshest punishment

    Mumbai: 26/11 martyr Tukaram Ombale's family says only the death penalty for 26/11 terrorist Ajmal Kasab can bring them closure."Kasab should be tortured and serve as an example to others who think of doing something like this," said Eknath Ombale, a survivor.The sentiment has been shared by many in Mumbai, particularly those who survived the horrific attack.Leopold Café was the first target with staff and visitors killed and injured as the terrorits shot their way past the cafe. But the lengthy trial has left owner Farhang Jehani cynical about the court process."It's really frustrating to have to wait this long for this to happen. The courts shouldn't take so long when everyone has seen and knows exactly what happened and how it happened," said Jehani.The owners of Rex Bakery, that stands opposite to Nariman House further down the road, had clung on to the AK-47 bullet marks for two years as a reminder of that night. But now, the wall has finally got a fresh coat of paint."It's a waste of time, no point hanging on, we just have to move on," said Ritesh Londe, a Colaba resident.Mumbai, India and the survivors may have marched forward after the 26/11 attacks, but the trial of Ajmal Kasab often brings back to public conscience the painfull memories from the city's darkest hour. It's amidst those memories that the Bombay High Court will decide on Ajmal Kasab's plea against a death penalty.