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    Tamil Nadu: will poll freebies work?

    New Delhi:When you are stung by allegations of corruption and anti incumbency how do you face an electorate? Karunanidhi's answer was in his manifesto - free grinders, mixies, and laptops to the voter. The party seems to have institutionalised its 2006 victory mantra which was free colour TVs and rice at one rupee a kilo“You might all think he will stop with mixers and grinders. Kalaignar delivers more than he promises. People have faith that he will give them grinders, mixies, washing machines and fridge,” said Stalin, Deputy Chief Minister, Tamil Nadu.Those offers meant that Jayalalithaa had to get into the race with her own set of promises. She announced all that the DMK did and added a free fan and even went to the extent of promising free goats to the voter."It's not either this or that, women will get a fan, a mixer and a grinder - all three things will be given free of cost,” said Jayalalithaa, General Secretary, AIADMK.As the political promises unfold in front of V Jayakrishnan, he is not amused. Power cuts and voltage fluctuations have been the order of the day in Chennai city. He wonders what he will do with the free mixers, grinders and laptops without electricity."We lost a couple of emergency lamps, we lost a couple of mixers you know - lots of equipments which run on a routine basis,” said Jayakrishnan."As a common man, I'd first like electricity to run all the equipments that they give,” he added.Each of the political parties have outdone each other in the race for announcing freebies. But in that race they have forgotten some of the basic issues faced by voters like Jayakrishnan.