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    Chetan Bhagat praises Hazare, Modi

    Rajkot: Best-selling novelist Chetan Bhagat on Wednesday praised Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi for his developmental work and Anna Hazare for launching a campaign for Lokpal Bill describing the social activist as a "youth icon".

    Talking to reporters, Bhagat termed Hazare as a "youth icon" and said age was immaterial in such cases.

    Bhagat said Hazare was very honest and had a strong will-power. His campaign for Lokpal Bill certainly inspired the youth, he added.

    But he also said the Lokpal Bill may not be able to eradicate corruption completely.

    Bhagat also said Gujarat should be a role-model for other states.

    He said that when agricultural growth rate in the country was hardly around 4 per cent, it was 10 per cent in Gujarat because of Modi's "firmness" about development.

    Bhagat said youth of the country wanted action and had no interest in political debates and these two leaders "believe in action".

    A few days ago, Bhagat had appealed to Modi to switch to the national political stage.