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    Sachin shouldn't be at selectors' mercy: Imran

    New Delhi: Legendary former Pakistan captain Imran Khan, who knows more than a thing about playing the game for over two decades, feels that India's batting legend Sachin Tendulkar shouldn't drag himself to a stage where he is at the mercy of national selectors.

    Talking to the English daily Times of India, Imran said if he were Tendulkar, he wouldn't want to quit the game when not at his best.

    "If I think from the point of view of the Indian public, yes, I would want him to go on, because an Indian team without Sachin is a scary thought. But if I think as Sachin, then I wouldn't want to leave when I can't play my best," the former Pakistan allrounder said.

    Imran, who came out of retirement to lead Pakistan to World Cup glory in 1992, hinted that Tendulkar should take cue from West Indies batting legend Vivian Richards, who was dropped from the team towards the end of his career.

    "He [Tendulkar] is such a legend. He should never be at the mercy of the selectors. Even a great player like Viv Richards was ultimately dropped from his team one day. Why reach that stage?," the cricketer turned politician said.