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    Sachin Tendulkar at Wankhede: how's MCA preparing

    Sachin Tendulkar will play the final game of his international career at his home ground - the Wankhede Stadium, and the Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) is doing every bit to make it a memorable experience for the fans and the Tendulkar clan that is expected to be present.

    The second Test against West Indies from November 14 to 18 will be Tendulkar's last - a decision the batting icon announced earlier this month. The BCCI - on a personal request from Tendulkar, awarded the match to MCA, and the authorities there have carefully chalked out their plan for the momentous occasion.

    The match will see a special guest in the form of Tendulkar's mother, who has never watched her son play an international match. Since she is on a wheelchair, the MCA is preparing a ramp to make it comfortable for her to access the MCA president box. "We will make sure that everything is taken care of and every assistance is provided to Tendulkar's family. His mother is in a wheelchair and we will prepare the ramp so that she can enter the president box without any problem," MCA joint secretary Nitin Dalal told The Indian Express.

    The newspaper also listed other things the MCA decided at its meeting on Monday:

    Tendulkar Painting: The master batsman wants this as his farewell gift. The MCA, The Indian Express reported, will send an artist to Tendulkar's home to know what kind of portrait he wants.

    Sachin Tendulkar Gymkhana: This will be the new name of MCA's Kandivali Club at Mahaveer Nagar.

    Tendulkar Cutouts: These will be displayed throughout the ground, depicting his cricket journey in the last 24 years.

    Tickets: Rs 250 per day. Five-day passes to Rs. 1,000. Each ticket will have Tendulkar's photo and his 51 Test century scores.

    Tickets for Tendulkar He has requested for 500 tickets, 200 of which will be allotted in the pavilion and 300 in the North Stand.