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    Sachin Tendulkar, from the eyes of wife Anjali Tendulkar

    It's hardly known what's beyond Sachin Tendulkar, the cricketer. How's Sachin the family man - the father, the son, the brother and the husband? Enough has been known, written and read about his cricket and the milestones he crossed in a decorated career. But very little, if any, about Sachin as an individual when he is away from cricket.

    On the day when Sachin made his last appearance on the cricket field, his wife Anjali spoke on TV, bringing Tendulkar the family man to the fore.

    It was lovely to hear a wife glad to have her husband back home, while being sad at the same time that he won't be doing what he's born to do.

    The retirement decision...

    "Sachin's retirement decision took quite a bit out of us. One day, he came to me and said, 'The time is right. I feel I should retire.' Then I told him it's perfectly fine if you think so."

    Who is Sachin?

    Sachin first belongs to Mumbai and to the country, then to us...He is very good at hiding his emotions. But I know he really wanted his mom to come and watch him play. That's why he personally got involved to get the ramp prepared and decide where she can sit and watch him play...There's a lot that goes on in his mind. He doesn't let us know, maybe one day he will tell.

    What's cricket to Sachin?

    I can imagine cricket without Sachin but I cannot imagine Sachin without cricket...Sachin is never completely switched off from cricket. Even when we are on a vacation, at the back of his mind will be what he should eat and what not, with a series or a tour coming up.

    Sachin after retirement...

    Now, I don't know what's going to happen...I'll be very happy to hand over some of the responsibility to him now...Once he's back home, I'm sure things are going to be very different.

    Arjun as a ball-boy...

    It actually came as a surprise to Sachin to see Arjun as a ball-boy. He actually had a Harris Shield match on Day 2 [of Sachin's farewell Test]. But Sachin talked to him and told that the match was more important. Arjun wasn't happy but he went to play. But the other team didn't turn up and he got his accreditation made as a ball-boy. Sachin saw him on the giant screen and was actually surprised.

    Do Arjun and Sara realise the stature of their father?

    Now when the children see what's all going on [with the whole of India giving Sachin a farewell], Arjun and Sara will realise who their father is.