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    Sachin Tendulkar's farewell series to hot up betting market

    Mumbai: Bets on Sachin Tendulkar are expected to go through the roof in his farewell series, with figures likely to touch Rs. 800 crore in each of his last two Tests at Kolkata and Mumbai - The Economic Times has reported.

    The estimated figure will be the highest since the 2011 World Cup final as punters get ready to bet on India's favourite batsman, who will exit the game at his home ground the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai.

    But odds are against Tendulkar scoring heavily in his 199th Test - the first in the two-Test series against West Indies - at the Eden Gardens that begins November 6.

    A Tendulkar century will earn punters Rs. 4.5 over every rupee bet, and the amount rises to Rs. 11 for a double century. In bets over a Tendulkar half-century, the bookies are offering 80 paise over every rupee bet.

    Rates are also being offered for Tendulkar scoring 25 or 50 runs in both the innings combined at Kolkata: 12 paise over every rupee for 25 or more runs and 29 paise over every rupee for 50 or more runs. And for bets on 100 runs in both the innings put together, bookies will pay double the amount over every rupee bet.

    India are favourites to beat West Indies in Kolkata, with 84 paise being offered on every rupeee bet on an India win. A highly unlikely West Indies win will earn punters Rs 5.5 over every rupee bet.

    Tendulkar fine-tuned himself for the last two Tests of his career with a 79 not out in the Ranji Trophy for Mumbai, which helped them beat Haryana in Lahli. But that doesn't seem to have impressed the bookies.

    Tendulkar's last Test - his 200th - will be played in Mumbai from November 14.