Fake pilots scam: 2 DGCA officials arrested

test sharma | Updated: April 6, 2011, 11:31 AM IST

New Delhi: Two Directorate General of Civil Aviation officials have been arrested for helping pilots get licences fraudulently. The two officials - MJ Bhattacharya and Mohammed K Ansari - allegedly pushed files of ineligible pilots for licence approval.

Bhattacharya and Ansari have been arrested by Delhi Police Crime Branch for helping Hiren Nagar, a pilot, and Eknath Patil, a tout, procure Commercial Pilot Licence.

Both these DGCA officials had issued more than a hundred licenses while posted in the CPL section. The police are now investigating whether they could have issued more licenses while they were in office. They also feel that there could be many more such networks operating in the country and that the involvement of flying schools cannot be ruled out.

Sources say that Eknath Patil had procured fifty to sixty commercial pilot licenses through Ansari and Bhattacharya in the last three years. But what's worrying is that police feel that there could be many more touts like Eknath Patil who have their own contacts in the DGCA and investigations over the next few days could lead to the arrest of more officials from the country's top aviation regulatory body.

Nagar (27) and Patil (46) were arrested from Ahmedabad by a team of Delhi Police's Crime Branch on April 4 following the arrest of Abhinav Kaushik on last Friday from Gurgaon.

Kaushik had allegedly obtained the licence by producing forged marksheets to DGCA. The arrests came following investigations into a complaint filed by DGCA.

Nagar was arrested following investigations into a complaint filed by the DGCA that he forged marksheets to obtain a licence.

Kaushik had come in contact with Nagar as both of them had undergone flying school training in a Flying School based in Madhya Pradesh.

In 2009, Kaushik again came in contact with Nagar who told him he could arrange fake mark-sheet and CPL Licence on payment of Rs 7.5 lakh. Nagar allegedly took Rs 1.5 lakh and told him that Patil will contact him and he should give him Rs 6 lakh and all the documents.

Till now five pilots have been arrested by Delhi Police while two others have been apprehended by Rajasthan Police in Jaipur in connection with the racket. A senior DGCA official and three touts were also arrested in this case earlier.

First Published: April 6, 2011, 11:31 AM IST

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