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    21-year-old IT student murdered in Delhi

    New Delhi: The busy Vasant Kunj stretch in South Delhi witnessed a bizarre murder on Thursday night. A 21-year-old IT student Shobhit Modi collapsed at the gate outside his own house after being stabbed. His killers are still missing.

    The security guard Ram Dev said, "He fell from the car and then tried to get up and walk. He then collapsed soon after."

    Shobhit had gone with a few friends to the nearby mall the same evening and left them at 9:15pm. Sources tell CNN-IBN that he was dropped off a short distance away by an unknown car. He was barely able to walk and had been stabbed. Whether the murder took place inside that car is still being investigated.

    After having collapsed, Shobhit received a call from a friend which the guard answered. On hearing that Shobhit was badly injured, the friend informed his parents.

    The police are investigating on the lines of this murder being an act of vengeance. Shobhit was found with four stab wounds. The police say he was carrying a very expensive phone, wearing a very expensive watch and branded clothes. All of them were found intact on him.

    The police are questioning Shobhit's friends who were with him on Thursday night.

    DCP, South Chhaya Sharma said, "He was last seen with some friends at DLF Promenade. But there is a 40 minute gap after that."

    The family is tight-lipped for the moment. The police say that the killer was most likely known to Shobhit and say that all possible angles are being investigated.