Shane Warne disagrees with David Warner suspension

Cricketnext Staff | Updated: June 13, 2013, 10:25 PM IST
Shane Warne disagrees with David Warner suspension

London: Shane Warne, the former Australia legspinner, has termed David Warner's bar-room bust-up and subsequent suspension as an unfortunate indecent for touring Australian cricket team while criticising the batsman for his lack of sense and responsibility.

According to Warne, however, suspending the player was unhelpful and that it was the duty of senior players and management to guide younger players, especially in times of difficulty.

Cricket Australia on Thursday suspended Warner up until the first Ashes Test and fined him 11,500 Australian dollars for attacking England player Joe Root in a late-night incident at a bar.

The opening batsman will miss Australia's final Champions Trophy group match, against Sri Lanka on Monday, as well as the team's tour games against Somerset and Worcestershire in the lead-up to the first Test at Trent Bridge in Nottingham from July 10.

"I do not believe he should be sent home. That does not solve anything. I think he needs to be punished by a fine and should apologise to the rest of the team for his actions," wrote Warne in The Telegraph.

"He has to work out what is important to him. He needs to remember he should be thankful for the opportunity to play cricket for Australia. He knows he has let himself down but, more importantly, has to realise that he has let the team down. He has brought unwanted pressure and spotlight on the Australian cricket team.

"This reeks of a player doing whatever he wanted and not thinking about the team. Unfortunately, when you are not performing people always look at what you are doing off the field. If you are winning it is swept under the carpet."

Warne - who himself had his share of controversy and brushes with authority as an international cricketer - stressed on the need for senior players to set an example.

"When there is a bit of unrest in the camp it is about not just the captain but the experienced players pulling the young blokes into line," he wrote.

"When one of the younger players steps out of line it is up to senior players to grab control and deal with it, whether it be wearing the wrong tracksuit top or being late for the bus. It is not about sending people home. Sometimes embarrassing a player and a fine are the most effective punishments."

Warne drew an example from his time as captain of IPL franchise Rajasthan Royals, where he and the team management took a decision to discipline a player with positive results.

"I remember Ravindra Jadeja being late for the team bus in the IPL. We wanted to make a statement so we stopped the bus and made him walk through the streets of Mumbai back to the hotel. He was not late again," wrote the 43-year-old.

However, Warne added that he felt the unfortunate incident could being the Australian team together in a tough period of transition and poor form.

"I think it is a chance for them to gel together. They really have to take this opportunity to sit down and have a chat about what they want to achieve," he wrote. "It is not about pointing a finger about who has done what. It is about starting to perform on the field and what needs to be done to ensure that happens.

"There are always going to be issues and personality clashes when you have 25 blokes together travelling on tour for a long period of time. You live in each others' pockets and small stuff can annoy people.

"When you are losing, something silly like a bloke putting the volume up on his headphones irritates you. Everyone is on edge because it is going wrong on the field. It is at such times that you need to regroup."

First Published: June 13, 2013, 10:25 PM IST

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