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    ISRO, IAF help to narrow down Dorjee search

    Guwahati: On the basis of information given by ISRO and images taken by IAF’s Sukhoi aircraft, the search for Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu has been narrowed down to one area near Naga G G.The area is located on the southern slope of the mountain (Sela Pass), which is covered with snow and it has been snowing almost every day.The Army troops along with ITBP and SSB have been searching this area since morning but they have not been able to find anything significant. The search is still on, said Arunachal government sources and Chief Minister's Office.Additional personnel from Army have been deployed at this location for intensifying the search.Also, a total of seven spots have been identified from satellite imagery.One Patrol of Army has also been sent to Bhutan border to search in the border areas. They have left on Tuesday morning. The outcome of the search is not known yet.The search is also going on in the area given by the family members of Dorjee Khandu, which is near Kyela Bowl. The Army searched the area on Tuesday and they will be staying in the night and shall search the area on Wednesday also.Two MI Helicopters took off in the morning but they could not go nearby Banga Janga, Thongrong in Bhutan. The Pawan Hans helicopter got the permission to go to Dirang and look in the areas but they were not allowed by the Pawan Hans authorities as their licensees have been revoked in the North East, as per them.One more location has been mentioned, which is North of Thongrong in Bhutan. The information has already given to Government of Bhutan for intensifying search at the coordinates given by us.The search by Bhutanese forces is in progress.