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    Orissa okays some demands of the Naxals

    Malkangiri: At the end of another marathon session of negotiations, there is resolution on some of the demands of the Maoists most of them to do with their economic well being. However the main issue of releasing prisoners still remains unsolved.

    Orissa Home Secretary UN Behera said, "Out of 14 different issues, we have been able to resolve eight backed by specific government decisions and measures."

    The process set to be prolonged with Ganti Prasadam and Sriramalu still missing from the negotiating table. A Malkangiri fast track court will decide on Srinivas Sriramulu bail plea on Tuesday.

    Cuttack High Court will hear the bail pleas of Ganti Prasadam and Padma, AOB Zonal Committee Member only on Wednesday. There is news of more bail applications filed in courts across Orissa.

    The state government is said to be examining charges against 700 tribals lodged in various jails in Malkangiri, Koraput, Rayagada, Jajpur and other districts. On the table is the demand for compensation for two tribals who died while in jail.

    In Malkangiri, people are anxious to see a quick resolution to the crisis. With two people in custody for the Sougata Negotiations are going on in Bhubaneshwar and people here in the tribal zone of Malkhangiri have kept their fingers crossed hoping that their popular collector would return soon without any bodily harm.