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    SL v India, one-off T20: As it happened

    Sri Lanka innings18th over: Sri Lanka 116 all out Sri Lanka go in the over needing 13.33 runs an over and finish it being bowled out. Three wickets in the over as Ashok Dinda finishes with a bang, without conceding a run. Amazing. A triple-wicket maiden over. Has that happened in Twenty20 internationals before? The first ball is a dot as Dinda bowls it full and wide outside off stump; Dinesh Chandimal lofts the second straight to Virat Kohli at long-off on the second; the third is short and Shaminda Eranga connects with warm air; the fourth produces a wicket as Eranga slogs again and gets a top edge that R Ashwin manages to hold onto after a brief juggle; Lasith Malinga tries to smash the cover off the next ball but misses; an excellent over ends with the final wicket as Malinga again heaves and top-edges behind the stumps where MS Dhoni runs across to his left and takes it. India crush Sri Lanka by 39 runs.Dinesh Chandimal c Virat Kohli b Ashok Dinda 7 (11 balls) Shaminda Eranga c R Ashwin b Ashok Dinda 6 (7 balls)Lasith Malinga c MS Dhoni b Ashok Dinda 0 (2 balls) 17th over: Sri Lanka 115 for 7 Umesh Yadav drops a catch at long-off, in and out. Shaminda Eranga drives in the air but Yadav spills the catch and allows four. Irfan Pathan isn't impressed. Dinesh Chandimal crashes the fifth ball through covers for four. Leg bye off the final ball and Sri Lanka reach 115 for 7. Irfan finishes with 3 for 27. 16th over: Sri Lanka 104 for 7 Its getting worse for Sri Lanka. Seventh wicket goes, third in three overs. Thisara Perera steers the ball to backward point and set off, but gets sent back as Manoj Tiwary swoops in on the ball. He's just short. Tiwary returns a direct hit. Great fielding and throwing. It was a swift and flat throw. Thisara Perera run out 1 (5 balls) 15th over: Sri Lanka 101 for 6 Umesh Yadav takes a cue from Ashok Dinda and bowls it full just outside off stump and produces a wicket, as Jeevan Mendis drives an easy catch to Ajinkya Rahane at cover. Sri Lanka lose their sixth. After conceding 22 in two overs, Yadav gives just two runs – one a wide – in the over. Terrific stuff. Jeevan Mendis c Ajinkya Rahane b Umesh Yadav 11 (15 balls)13th over: Sri Lanka 96 for 5 Ashok Dinda comes back into the attack and takes out Angelo Mathews. Big blow from Dinda. He has generally been operating with wide, full-pitched deliveries. Sort of like what Lasith Malinga did. Minus a few yards of pace. And the wild yellow-streaked hair. And the big grin. Off the final ball of the over, Mathews goes for a drive to a ball that's not as full and gets a thin edge to MS Dhoni. Dinda is pumped. Angelo Mathews c MS Dhoni b Ashok Dinda 31 (29 balls)12th over: Sri Lanka 90 for 4 Jeevan Mendis is sweeping a lot as he tries to dominate R Ashwin. Angelo Mathews steps out and goes downtown but Suresh Raina, running across, cannot time his leap well enough to hold the catch. It was tough, and he got a hand to it as he leaped to his right. What's worse, its four. The over ends with Mendis and Mathews – are they the new M&M? – running three. Twelve off the over. 11th over: Sri Lanka 78 for 4 Virat Kohli gets a third over and does well with another wrong-footed six balls that yield six runs. Plenty of movement in the crease from the Sri Lankans as they look to throw Kohli off line, but they still cannot put him away for boundaries. India's fielding is sharp, always out to cut off the single. 10th over: Sri Lanka 72 for 4 Hello! R Ashwin strikes first ball. Poor shot from Lahiru Thirimanne without seeing the bowler, attempts a brave reverse paddle but misses all ends up and hears the death rattle. He won't get any pats on the back when he walks into the dressing room, will Lahiru. Four singles round off the over. Lahiru Thirimanne b R Ashwin 20 (15 balls)9th over: Sri Lanka 68 for 3 Its gone quiet in Pallekele. Virat Kohli sends down another good over which costs just three runs in singles. He's been accurate and the move to take pace off the ball has worked ... so far. 8th over: Sri Lanka 65 for 3 MS Dhoni gives Rohit Sharma a bowl too, and he also does decently well to concede nine from his over. Innocuous offbreaks which neither Lahiru Thirimanne or Angelo Mathews is able to put away, apart from the fifth ball which Thirimanne slams back to the bowler who has to take evasive action. 7th over: Sri Lanka 56 for 3 MS Dhoni tosses the ball to Virat Kohli and the part-timer does well with his Chris Harris-like stuff. Not pretty to look at but Kohli allows Sri Lanka just four runs from the over. 6th over: Sri Lanka 52 for 3 Ashok Dinda – who looks like a TT player – enters the fray and bowls an over that costs 13. Lahiru Thirimanne swings the third ball for four over midwicket, a sweetly-struck shot. The next ball, Thirimanne attempts a sharp single but instead of one gets five as the fielder from point fires the ball wide and there's nobody backing to prevent overthrows. On the fifth, Sri Lanka raise their 50 as Angelo Mathews clumps the ball back down the ground. Strong over for the hosts. 5th over: Sri Lanka 39 for 3 Irfan Pathan takes out the Sri Lankan captain. India all over them now. The ball pitched and came back in, hit Mahela Jayawardene high on the pads, given out lbw. Looked high at first but replays show the ball clipping the top of leg stump. Jayawardene wasn't happy as he walked out, even gesturing to the flap of his pad. Another good over from IKP. Five dots and one four – an outside edge first ball to Angelo Mathews. Mahela Jayawardene lbw b Irfan Pathan 26 (19 balls)4th over: Sri Lanka 35 for 2 Well that's a very poor over from Umesh Yadav – 17 runs. Mahela Jayawardene is the abuser. Four fours in five balls, all over the place. One lovely pick-up shot over midwicket was almost a six. Arun Lal, on air, purrs after the fourth boundary: "Oh, he's really timed that well" but it sounded like he said "Oh, Isreali timed it well." Oh well. 3rd over: Sri Lanka 18 for 2 Irfan Pathan gets another. Upul Tharanga this time, chasing a moving delivery outside off stump to give Suresh Raina catching practice at slip first ball of the over. There’s an appeal for lbw off the second as the ball jags back into Lahiru Thirimanne but it was outside the line. Mahela Jayawardene gets three off the fifth ball as Irfan strays in his line. IKP has become India's highest wicket-taker in Twenty20 internationals, with 19. Harbhajan Singh – plying his trade with Essex in England right now – was the bowler he surpassed. Upul Tharanga c Suresh Raina b Irfan Pathan 5 (4 balls)2nd over: Sri Lanka 14 for 1 Good start from Umesh Yadav on comeback to the team. Just one wide and one full ball on the pads that Upul Tharanga flicked for three, otherwise he was pretty good with his radar. He's got the pace, does Yadav, just needs to work on the line. 1st over: Sri Lanka 9 for 1 Irfan Pathan gets a wicket in the first over, after a poor start. Sri Lanka's reply starts with a boundary. Mahela Jayawardene slashes it over backward point for four. The second ball is very wide. So is the next, but no by such a large margin. The second legitimate ball is mistimed by Jayawardene as he walks down the track and Irfan Pathan appeals for lbw. That was never going to be out because he came out and also got a nick on it. The third ball is defended. The fourth is tapped toward extra cover and Jayawardene calls for a quick single as the fielder swoops in. And the fifth ... well the fifth is bang on the money and swings back in to take the inside edge onto pad and then clang into the stumps. Dilshan just played all over it. Irfan is McLovin' it. Upul Tharanga gets off the mark with a couple. Tillakaratne Dilshan b Irfan Pathan 0 (1 ball)India innings20th over: India 155 for 3 Lasith Malinga bowls a decent final over and India finish on what you can only term as a disappointing 155 considering where they were poised with Virat Kohli at the crease. In fact, its their lowest T20 total versus Sri Lanka. MS Dhoni sprints a couple off the first ball; the second is another yorker-length ball outside off which Dhoni edges to third man for four; the next is wider and squirted into the covers for a quick single; Suresh Raina heaves at the fourth which isn't so full and somehow the ball misses hitting off stump; the fifth ball is also a clever yorker-length ball just outside off stump, and slower, which Raina pushes to cover for one; and off the sixth ball Dhoni can only edge a single to third man. 19th over: India 146 for 3 Very good penultimate over from Thisara Perera to keep these two quiet. Four singles and two dot balls. Great work from the medium-pacer at the death. Nice and full, not offering the batsmen much room. Poor from India. 18th over: India 142 for 3 Lasith Malinga concedes 12 from the over. Good use of the yorker-length balls to the Indian captain otherwise, except for one short delivery which MS Dhoni pulls to fine leg. Suresh Raina does some damage off the fifth ball, getting underneath it and lofting over long-off for six. Single to backward point off the last ball. 17th over: India 130 for 3 Shaminda Eranga bowls out with the wicket of Virat Kohli for 68 to finish with figures of 2 for 30. The first ball is full on the legs and chipped in the air for four by Suresh Raina; the second is a dot ball, full in the blockhole, but Raina gets one; Kohli falls on the third with a pick-up shot straight to the man at deep midwicket; MS Dhoni fails to score off the next two balls and steers the final ball for a single to third man. Virat Kohli c Lahiru Thirimanne b Shaminda Eranga 68 (48 balls)16th over: India 124 for 2 Angelo Mathews gets the ball again and slows India's progress. Allows just four singles in the over. Neither batsman times their shots in that over. 15th over: India 120 for 2 Thisara Perera returns and bowls a good over, spoiled by a last-ball boundary. Suresh Raina pushes a low full toss into the off side for a single; Virat Kohli advances and squeezes the next ball to extra cover and sets off, has to put in the stretch and just beats a throw from Mahela Jayawardene. Replays show Kohli grounded his bat on the line, but the bail was not totally out of its groove. A tight call. Touch and go. A couple follows, then a single. Kohli drives the next ball for one more. Raina ends the over with his trademark shot, the mow across the line. The ball beats square leg. Kohli is now the highest scorer for India in Twenty20s against Sri Lanka, incidentally. Five overs to go in Pallekele. 14th over: India 110 for 2 A quieter over from Lasith Malinga. Just six runs conceded. Two leg byes, a wide and three singles. 13th over: India 104 for 2 Shaminda Eranga, the right-arm seamer, comes back into the attack and concedes 16 runs. Suresh Raina glances the first ball for four; a wide follows; then a single to mid-on; a leg bye next; Raina swings the fourth ball out to deep midwicket for a single; a boundary to Virat Kohli off the fifth to raise India's 100, not where he wanted it but he picks the slower ball and rolls the wrists; the final ball is also a four, in the form of leg byes as Eranga raps the pads and appeals, but it was missing the stumps. 12th over: India 88 for 2 India lose their second. Its Jeevan Mendis who snaps a 74-run stand by bowling a slow legbreak that drifts into Ajinkya Rahane and turns away, resulting in a caught and bowled. Rahane goes for 21 off 25 balls, contributing 20 to this partnership. Suresh Raina walks in and gets off strike first ball. Runs and a wicket in the over. Virat Kohli spoils a good over by using his feet to crash the final ball over midwicket for six. Lovely use of the feet. Akinkya Rahane c & b Jeevan Mendis 21 (25 balls)11th over: India 79 for 1 Virat Kohli reaches 50. Super shot first ball, as he skips out and drives the ball through extra cover for his maiden T20 international half-century, off 32 balls. Four singles complete the over. 10th over: India 71 for 1 Jeevan Mendis gets the ball and starts off well. Ajinkya Rahane lofts two over extra cover, the ball drops safely. Virat Kohli slaps a short ball straight to midwicket. A single down the ground follows, lovely use of the wrists from Kohli. A cut from Rahane out to the sweeper for one. The fifth ball is driven back to Mendis. The sixth is an attempted heave which dribbles toward mid-on. At the halfway mark, India are well placed for a late surge. 9th over: India 67 for 1Rangana Herath bowls another tidy over, conceding four runs. Ajinkya Rahane unable to force him away. One ball was an under-edged cut shot that almost rolled onto the stumps. A sharp single follows but Mahela Jayawardene misses the stumps to give Rahane a life. Virat Kohli works a couple off his pads wide of square leg to end the over. 8th over: India 63 for 1 Ajinkya Rahane steals a single first ball to get Virat Kohli on strike. A single follows and then two dot balls. Rahane finally gets going off the fifth by lofting six over extra-cover. The last ball is a dot. By the way, this is Kohli's personal best in Twenty20 internationals. His previous was 31. 7th over: India 55 for 1 Time for spin. Rangana Herath is brought into the attack and slows the run rate. Ajinkya Rahane pinches a single off the second ball; Virat Kohli does the same off the third; the fourth and fifth balls are also worked out to the sweeper cover for ones; and the final ball is punched by Rahane out to deep square leg. Tidy start from the left-arm spinner. 6th over: India 50 for 1 Virat Kohli is on fire and India have raced past 50. Thisara Perera is welcomed into the attack by Kohli, who looks superb this evening. He drops it short and Kohli swivels to pull it past short fine leg; then he just eases into a push off the front foot to find the gap between cover and point; the next ball is also four, and puts 50 on the board, as Kohli glances very fine past Lasith Malinga. Three balls, three boundaries. The over starts and ends with dot balls, as both times Perera beats the bat. 5th over: India 38 for 1 Lasith Malinga makes an entry and after a quiet start bowling to Ajinkya Rahane, gets some treatment from his nemesis, Virat Kohli. His first ball bowled to the in-form batsman is smashed through the covers for four; the second is pushed to mid-off for one. Rahane plays out two dot balls. Kohli on 26 from 15 balls. 4th over: India 32 for 1 Virat Kohli starts the over with another four, slashing the ball streakily over point. Then on the third just pushes the ball into the gap between cover and point for a lovely. No power, all touch. Superb stroke. On the fourth he goes at a fuller ball hard and just manages to get it over a leaping mid-off for four more. Good over for India. 3rd over: India 20 for 1 Virat Kohli hits two lovely boundaries in that over: a pull through midwicket and a slap past the off-side fielders. Pinches a single off the last ball to keep strike. Twelve runs frorm the over. 2nd over: India 7 for 1 Well, the drop doesn't cost Sri Lanka much. Gautam Gambhir is bowled for 6 by Shaminda Eranga, the right-arm seamer, off the fourth ball of the second over. Gambhir was looking to repeatedly mow the ball into the leg side but failing to connect, and this time he is cleaned up. He couldn't score off the first three balls and the frustration was palpable. Virat Kohli plays out the over, which had just one wide from it. Top start from Eranga. India 7 for 1.Gautam Gambhir b Shaminda Eranga 6 (8 balls)1st over: India 7 for 0 Quiet first over from Angelo Mathews. Gautam Gambhir plays the first ball to point; pulls the second out to deep midwicket for a couple; Ajinkya Rahane leaves the third alone outside off; the fourth is worked to midwicket for a quick single, and Thisara Perera misses the nonstriker's end by a whisker; Gambhir swings the fifth over midwicket but the sweeper running around cannot hold onto the catch, dives in vain and allows four; the final ball of the over is tucked off the pads for one. 6.35pm Mahela Jayawardene has won the toss and opted to field on the same batting strip as used in the recent ODI, indicating that it could be another run-filled affair in Pallekele. The hosts have made three changes to the XI that played the last ODI – Jayawardene comes back as captain with Chamara Kapugedera stepping side, Rangana Herath comes in for Sachitra Senanayake and Shaminda Eranga, the right-arm seamer, gets a game in place of Nuwan Pradeep. With Zaheer Khan having flown back home, Umesh Yadav comes in as replacement. Here are the teams:Sri Lanka: 1 Tillakaratne Dilshan, 2 Upul Tharanga, 3 Dinesh Chandimal (wk), Mahela Jayawardene, 5 Lahiru Thirimanne, 6 Angelo Mathews, 7 Thisara Perera, 8 Jeevan Mendis, 9 Lasith Malinga, 10 Rangana Herath, 11 Shaminda Eranga. India: 1 Gautam Gambhir, 2 Ajinkya Rahane, 3 Virat Kohli, 4 Rohit Sharma, 5 Manoj Tiwary, 6 Suresh Raina, 7 MS Dhoni (capt/wk), 8 Irfan Pathan, 9 R Ashwin, 10 Umesh Yadav, 11 Ashok Dinda