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    SL vs Ind, 5th ODI: As it happened

    Sri Lanka innings46th over: Sri Lanka 274 all out India win by 20 runs to move to No. 2 in the ICC ODI rankings. Ashok Dinda takes the final wicket, Lasith Malinga swinging this ball to Suresh Raina at long-off. India make it 4-1. Lasith Malinga c Suresh Raina b Ashok Dinda 10 (9 balls)45th over: Sri Lanka 266 for 9 Five wickets for Irfan Pathan, with the final ball of his outing tonight! Sachitra Senanakaye is bowled for 7, swinging across the line. Irfan looks to the sky and raises his hands. Great match for him. His second five-wicket haul in ODIs, after 5 for 27 against Zimbabwe in Harare way back in 2005. Sachitra Senanakaye b Irfan Pathan 7 (7 balls)43rd over: Sri Lanka 256 for 8 Two wickets in the over for Irfan Pathan, and that should do it for India. First Thisara Perera picks out Virat Kohli at sweeper cover for 18. Slashes a wide ball over the infield and Kohli just has to run across and hold a straightforward catch. Last ball of the over, Jeevan Mendis nicks to MS Dhoni. Big wicket and Irfan loves it. Thisara Perera c Virat Kohli b Irfan Pathan 18 (19 balls)Jeevan Mendis c MS Dhoni b Irfan Pathan 72 (88 balls)39th over: Sri Lanka 229 for 6 Jeevan Mendis has his maiden ODI half-century, off 71 balls. Sri Lanka score 11 off the over bowled by R Ashwin, with Mendis and Thisara Perera each hitting a boundary. The target is now 66 runs off 66 balls.36th over: Sri Lanka 204 for 6 Lahiru Thirimanne exits for 77 in a moment of confusion with Jeevan Mendis. He plays the ball away to mid-on and calls for the single, but ends up watching the ball instead of his partner. He's more than halfway down the track before forced to turn back. Virat Kohli throws the ball to Zaheer Khan, who hurls it to MS Dhoni who runs forward and breaks the stumps as the batsman dives. The over began with Thirimanne hitting Zaheer for four and six off the first two balls of the batting Powerplay. He was dropped behind the wicket by a diving Dhoni, but the error doesn't end up costing India much. A century stand is snapped. India back on top. Lahiru Thrimanne run out [Virat Kohli/Zaheer Khan] 77(96 balls)35th over: Sri Lanka 191 for 5 This stand is now worth 89. Lahiru Thirimanne has crossed fifty and is looking good. Jeevan Mendis has also opened up well. 29th over: Sri Lanka 151 for 5 More than eight overs without a boundary, but Sri Lanka have crossed 150 without further loss. This pair is running the singles well. Lahiru Thirimanne is closing in on a half-century. 25th over: Sri Lanka 135 for 5 The asking rate is climbing. India's spinners are drying up the runs. Neither R Ashwin nor Rohit Sharma has offered any freebies and there have been several boisterous appeals. 20th over: Sri Lanka 122 for 5 Ashok Dinda returns and concedes a boundary down the leg side to Jeevan Mendis. Sri Lanka are still going at over six an over but they need a big partnership. Lahiru Thirimanne is going along slowly. 16th over: Sri Lanka 102 for 5 Zaheer Khan was brought back to produce a wicket and he does just that. Around the wicket, the way Zaheer likes it, and he beats Chamara Kapugedera for pace. The ball skids on and raps the pads plumb in front of the stumps. Sri Lanka lose their fifth.Chamara Kapugedera lbw b Zaheer Khan 9 (7 balls)14th over: Sri Lanka 89 for 4 Sri Lanka's stand-in captain has run himself out. There wasn't a run there, but the batsmen chanced it. Angelo Mathews steered the ball towards Manoj Tiwary at point and set off, but Lahiru Thirimanne didn't want to run. Mathews thought there was a run. Tiwary swooped in and collected the ball, released it in a flash and had one stump to aim at. He nailed it. That needed a direct hit and Tiwary produced it. Another partnership aborted. Angelo Mathews run out [Manoj Tiwary] 13 (16 balls)11th over: Sri Lanka 74 for 3 Sri Lanka lose their third. This time its Ashok Dinda who strikes in his third over. Dinesh Chandimal is the man to go for a run-a-ball 8, out lbw to one that moved back in a touch off the deck. Looks fairly adjacent to leg stump and the umpire raises his finger. Rapid start but wickets are falling fast. Dinesh Chandimal lbw b Ashok Dinda 8 (8 balls)8th over: Sri Lanka 61 for 2 Redemption for Irfan Pathan after leaking 16 runs in his previous over. Upul Tharanga drives in the air to cover where Ajinkya Rahane holds the catch just inside the circle. Tharanga had got Sri Lanka off to a rapid start but he's gone for 31.Upul Tharanga c Ajinkya Rahane b Irfan Pathan 31 (21 balls)6th over: Sri Lanka 51 for 1 Sixteen runs off the over, as Lahiru Thirimanne edges four past slips and Upul Tharanga slaps the last two balls through the off side to the boundary. Expensive from Irfan Pathan. Sri Lanka's fifty is up in the sixth over. 2nd over: Sri Lanka 13 for 1 Irfan Pathan takes out Tillakaratne Dilshan for 0! The Sri Lankan opener chases a really wide ball from Irfan and cuts it in the air to third man where Zaheer Khan runs forward and dives forward to hold a good catch inches from the ground. Tillakaratne Dilshan c Zaheer Khan b Irfan Pathan 0 (3 balls)India innings50th over: India 294 for 7 Just four runs off the final over and India finish on 294. Strong total and they will fancy their chances of making it 4-1 tonight. India lost their way during the batting Powerplay as three wickets fell for the addition of 16 runs, but MS Dhoni's brutal 58 off 38 balls and Irfan Pathan's unbeaten 29 has got the total near 300. Had Dhoni not got out it could have been 315. Join us in about 40 minutes for Sri Lanka's reply. 49th over: India 290 for 7 Wicket No. 200 for Lasith Malinga, and it's a big one. He gets rid of the Indian captain, who swishes at a short delivery and gets a big edge to a leaping Dinesh Chandimal behind the stumps. End of a bullish innings from MS Dhoni. MS Dhoni c Dinesh Chandimal b Lasith Malinga 58 (38 balls)48th over: India 283 for 6 Amazing. MS Dhoni whips Thisara Perera over midwicket for six to reach his half-century off just 34 balls. All bottom hand.46th over: India 267 for 6 MS Dhoni is too good. Bifurcates the fielders with three consecutive fours off Thisara Perera – over point for a one-bounce four, through square leg with whiplash effect and past short third man with finesse. Fourteen off the over. 45th over: India 253 for 6 Five overs to go and India should eye 300. MS Dhoni and Irfan Pathan are scoring at a good rate and running hard. Lasith Malinga is varying his lengths and pace well. He's looking for his 200th ODI wicket. 42nd over: India 231 for 6 MS Dhoni has crossed 2,000 ODI runs versus Sri Lanka, the second Indian to do so after Sachin Tendulkar. He's also fourth on the overall list, with the highest average, and the fastest to do so. Crosses the landmark by slapping Nuwan Pradeep between cover and point for four. 39th over: India 213 for 6 What is going on? India have been deplorable in this batting Powerplay. Sachitra Senanayake strikes a huge blow, getting Gautam Gambhir last ball of the over for 88. The ball lands outside off stump and spins away from Gambhir, who goes for the cut but cannot keep the ball down. Lasith Malinga at point takes an easy catch. India are falling apart. They've lost three wickets for 16 runs in two overs.Gautam Gambhir c Lasith Malinga b Sachitra Senanayake 88 (99 balls)38th over: India 209 for 5 Dramatic over! Lasith Malinga strikes during the batting Powerplay to snap a century stand and then remove Suresh Raina for a golden duck. First ball of the 38th over, he bangs one in short to Manoj Tiwary who tries to fend it off but ends up popping a catch to Thisara Perera at short third man. End of a busy innings oozing with promise. It was a brute of a delivery from Malinga. And that's also his 50th ODI wicket at home. One ball later, he has 51 as Raina opens the face and steers a simple catch to first slip. Silly shot from the left-hander. MS Dhoni averts the hat-trick by fending off a short ball on the body. The next on is also banged in short and this time Dhoni tries to pull it, but the ball grazes his helmet and flies down to the boundary to raise India's 200. Next ball, Malinga opts to bowl it full and Dhoni drives it through extra cover for four. Last ball, an even better shot as Dhoni wades into another full ball and plays a cracking cover drive for four. Enterprising over. Gautam Gambhir is on 85.Manoj Tiwary c Thisara Perera b Lasith Malinga 65 (68 balls)Suresh Raina c Lahiru Thirimanne b Lasith Malinga 0 (1 ball)35th over: India 180 for 3 Fifty for Manoj Tiwary, off 58 balls. Gets a juicy full toss down the pads and just helps it along its way past square leg and the sweeper cannot cut it off. Its his second fifty in ODIs. Good innings from the Bengal batsman. Came in after India were jolted by two wickets and has gone about his business positively. 33rd over: India 169 for 3 This is proving to be a very good partnership. Angelo Mathews has employed an attacking field for Manoj Tiwary, with a slip and men saving the singles, but the batsman keeps rotating the strike. There was an inside-out drive for four off Jeevan Mendis a couple overs ago that really stood out, and then another lofted drive wide of mid-off in this over. Gautam Gambhir, meanwhile, has looked unfazed by everything. His run rate has dipped from well over a run-a-ball but he's not wavered from his intent. 28th over: India 139 for 3 Gautam Gambhir and Manoj Tiwary have added 50 in good time after the twin blows from Nuwan Pradeep. The boundaries have dried up but the running and placement has been good. Sri Lanka have been pushed onto the back foot again. Tiwary is opening up with some dabs and reverse-sweeps. Gambhir is solid.22nd over: India 109 for 3 Fifty for Gautam Gambhir, off 51 balls. His third of the series and seventh in 2012. Gets there with a dab towards point, from where there is an overthrow that allows him an extra run. He has to keep going. 17th over: India 87 for 3 Well, what do you know? Rohit Sharma walks out to the crease, gets off the mark with an exquisite clip past midwicket for four, and three balls later is bowled. Terrible tour for him, and Rohit may just have played himself out of the Indian team. Nuwan Pradeep produces a lovely delivery after conceding two fours in the over. It pitches full and them seams away from Rohit, who looks totally confounded, to peg back off stump. The ball was on off stump but he played it like it was on leg stump. Good ball, yes, but this has a lot to do with Rohit's current mindset. Another single-digit score. In fact, he hasn't reached double figures in the series. Pradeep gets his second, and continues to impress. Sri Lanka are on top now. Rohit Sharma b Nuwan Pradeep 4 (9 balls)15th over: India 77 for 2 Nuwan Pradeep strikes in his second over, getting the huge wicket of Virat Kohli for 23. Third ball of the over, Pradeep gets it to angle back into the batsman on about middle and leg; Kogli walks across the stumps and misses the flick shot, hit about in front of leg stump. The umpire checks for the n0-ball and replays show Pradeep was fine. Big wicket for Sri Lanka. A restorative stand of 48 is snapped. Virat Kohli lbw b Nuwan Pradeep 23 (25 balls)14th over: India 75 for 1 First sign of spin, in the form of Sachithra Senenayake, playing his eighth ODI. Starts off with a tidy first over, allowing just four runs after India picked up a boundary apiece in each of the three previous overs. India have reached 75 for 1, with Gautam Gambhir on 40 off 35 balls. 9th over: India 51 for 1 India have raised their team fifty in good time. Gautam Gambhir has looked in good touch, especially off the legs. He's taken a liking to Angelo Mathews, hitting the stand-in captain for ten runs in four balls. Virat Kohli has had a few balls stay low and move away from him, one of which he slashed at edged just wide of second slip in this over, but otherwise looks like himself. Some smart calling and running between the two Delhi batsmen. 6th over: India 29 for 1 Thisara Perera snaps a 29-run stand with the first ball of the sixth over. Length ball jags back in off the deck and raps Ajinkya Rahane on the back foot, and the appeal for lbw is upheld. Didn't seem like any inside edge on that one. Rahane goes for 9 on his ODI comeback. India had just started to open up in the previous over, bowled by Lasith Malinga, where Gautam Gambhir hit two boundaries to cross 5,000 ODI runs. But Sri Lanka have struck. Ajinkya Rahane lbw b Thisara Perera 9 (17 balls)2.10pm MS Dhoni has won the toss and opted to bat on what appears a very good batting track in Pallekele. India have gone in without Virender Sehwag, who has been ruled out with what Dhoni termed a “glute problem”, and in his place Ajinkya Rahane is up for his first ODI since December 2011. Sri Lanka have made several changes, most starkly resting their skipper Mahela Jayawardene. Angelo Mathews is leading Sri Lanka today and Chamara Kapugedera is Jayawardene’s replacement. Rangana Herath makes way for the tall offspinner Sachitra Senanayake. Here are the teams:Sri Lanka: 1 Upul Tharanga, 2 Tillakaratne Dilshan, 3 Dinesh Chandimal (wk), 4 Chamara Kapugedera, 5 Lahiru Thirimanne, 6 Angelo Mathews, 7 Thisara Perera, 8 Jeevan Mendis, 9 Lasith Malinga, 10 Sachitra Senanayake, 11 Nuwan Pradeep India: 1 Gautam Gambhir, 2 Ajinkya Rahane, 3 Virat Kohli, 4 Rohit Sharma, 5 Manoj Tiwary, 6 Suresh Raina, 7 MS Dhoni (capt/wk), 8 Irfan Pathan, 9 R Ashwin, 10 Zaheer Khan, 11 Ashok Dinda