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    Westerners misunderstand Mahatma: Tushar Gandhi

    New Delhi: Mahatma Gandhi, honoured as the father of the nation, may have been involved in a relationship with a German-Jewish architect and amateur bodybuilder Hermann Kallenbach, back in 1907.

    A new biography of Gandhi, called Great Soul - Mahatma Gandhi and his struggle with India, by a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, and former Executive Editor of the New York Times Joseph Lelyveld, that also discusses Gandhi's alleged racial attitude while in South Africa, has run into a wave of controversy.

    Mahatma Gandhi's great grandson Tushar Gandhi said, "It's very difficult a western oriented person, especially British and American authors to understand that there can be relationships that have no sexual connotation."

    But the author himself, denied media reports, that claim he called Mahatma Gandhi racist or bisexual.

    In a statement he said, "I do not allege that Gandhi is racist or bisexual. The word 'bisexual' nowhere appears in the book. The word 'racist' is used once to characterise comments by Gandhi early in his stay in South Africa. The chapter in no way concludes that he was a racist or offers any suggestion of it."