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    Snap Shot: When 'Dada' Ganguly hugged 'God' Tendulkar

    It's the perfect item to enter the collector's edition: the 'Prince of Kolkata' Sourav Ganguly hugging the 'god of cricket' Sachin Tendulkar in the batting maestro's last Test in Kolkata.

    Tendulkar's 199th and last Test at the Eden Gardens may not have given him the chance to bat twice, but India's innings-and-51-run win in three days against West Indies pleased him no end. He scored just 10 in India's only innings of the Test, but it was never about runs, but the sheer fact that India's most iconic cricketer was playing his last series, and every Kolkatan wanted a piece of that.

    At the presentation ceremony after the match on Friday, while Tendulkar was showered with numerous gifts by the Cricket Association of Bengal, the image of the day was Ganguly hugging Tendulkar.